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The Tufts Daily is the entirely student-run newspaper of record at Tufts University in Medford, Mass. An editorially and financially independent organization, the Daily’s staff of more than 100 covers news, features, arts and sports on Tufts’ four campuses and in its host communities. The Daily’s editorial board and columnists provide opinions and commentary alongside op-eds submitted by readers and members of the Tufts community. In recent years, the Daily has also expanded into multimedia, including podcasts and videojournalism.

Founded in 1980, the Daily publishes a print edition four days each week and a digital edition every weekday during the academic year. All of the Daily’s coverage can be found on its consistently updated website devoted to upholding its motto: “Where you read it first.”

Many alumni of the Daily have gone on to lead successful careers in journalism and other industries, including: Patrick Healy, deputy opinion editor at The New York Times; Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay; Geoff Edgers, national arts reporter for The Washington Post; Karen Israel, producer for Dateline NBC; David Kramer, former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor; Bob Goodman, senior vice president for product experience at Virgin Pulse; and many others.

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The Tufts Daily Managing Board

Winter and Spring 2022


Alexander Janoff, Editor in Chief

Alex is celebrating his sixth semester at the Daily, having previously served in the news section, covering TCU Senate and student government, admissions and public health before serving as the executive news editor for fall 2021. He is a junior from Wayland, Massachusetts studying computer science and political science. Alex is responsible for managing all sections of the Daily and works closely with the Editorial Department. When he’s not in the office, he can be found on the ski hill (he’s on Tufts’ club alpine team) or sitting in front of a fire, ideally with a book but more likely scrolling TikTok. His proudest moment at the Daily was creating and maintaining the Daily’s first interactive COVID-19 dashboard in spring 2021 with former EIC Alex V. Alex can be reached at [email protected]. Ask him about the Daily’s editorial process!


Peri Barest, Senior Editor

​​Peri is excited for her fourth semester at the Daily, having previously served as a deputy news editor and contributed to the science section. Along with Alex, Phoebe and Sam, she is responsible for accuracy and clarity in all content. When she’s not in the office, Peri can be found getting chai lattes at Kindlevan, studying at Lilly, or promoting maternal health with Tufts MARCH. Her proudest moment at the Daily was learning to edit audio for The Rewind and covering the university’s divestment process. Peri is a sophomore studying biology and community health and can be reached at [email protected] Ask her about AP style, or email her with any ideas!


Phoebe Wong, Senior Editor

Phoebe is celebrating her fourth semester at the Daily, having previously served as the executive arts & pop culture editor. Along with Alex, Peri and Sam, she leads the Editorial Department and works to maintain intentionality and inclusivity at the Daily. When she’s not in the office, she can be found thrifting around Boston, romanticizing her studying at Ginn Library or supporting campus workers’ rights with Tufts Labor Coalition. Her proudest moment at the Daily was seeing Arts writers grow and have fun with their reporting as COVID-19 conditions permitted more in-person performances and exhibits last fall. Phoebe is a sophomore double majoring in computer science and race, colonialism, and diaspora and can be reached at [email protected].edu. Ask her about the Daily’s commitment to intentionality and inclusivity!


Sam Russo, Senior Editor

Sam Russo is a junior from NJ majoring in computer science and cognitive and brain science (wondering what that is?). Some of his favorite things are words, games and word games. Sam has worked at the Daily in the past as part of the features, layout and outreach teams. In his free time, he enjoys cooking projects (sweet potato ice cream and homemade ricotta, among others), reading and hanging out on organic farms. 


Elizabeth Foster, Associate Editor

Elizabeth is a sophomore celebrating her fourth semester at The Tufts Daily. Elizabeth has previously served as an executive layout editor and written for the news and science sections. Working with Kendall, Elizabeth manages the newsletters and works in the Editorial Department. Her long-term projects focus on technology and web development. Outside of the office, Elizabeth can be found pickling everything she can and working for a flower company. Her proudest moment at The Tufts Daily was laying out the special editions of last year’s spring semester. Elizabeth is majoring in physics and computer science and can be reached at [email protected]. Ask her about technology and journalism!


Kendall Roberts, Associate Editor

Kendall is celebrating her sixth semester at the Daily, having previously served as an executive layout editor and executive social media editor. Alongside Elizabeth, Kendall manages the newsletters and works in the Editorial Department. She also oversees special long-term projects such as journalism education initiatives and fostering community within the Daily. Outside of the office, Kendall can be found running for the Tufts cross country team or eating chocolate ice cream. Her proudest moment at the Daily was laying out the paper for special issue editions. Kendall is a junior studying psychology and child study and human development and can be reached at [email protected]. Ask her about education initiatives or email her with any new ideas!


Mac Callahan, Production Director

Mac is a sophomore from Maine studying international relations. This is his 4th semester at the Daily, having previously served as an executive layout editor. Mac is responsible for overseeing the production of the Daily –– including layout, printing and distribution. His favorite moment at the Daily so far has been designing the Halloween special issue. In his free time, Mac enjoys refreshing his Twitter feed, getting coffee at Tamper in Medford and playing Mario Kart with his suitemates. He can be reached at [email protected]

Campbell Devlin, Business Director

Campbell is a junior from New Jersey studying womens, gender, and sexuality studies. This is her fifth semester at the Daily. Previously she served as the production director and a layout executive. This semester, she is in charge of the business department and is responsible for the Daily’s financial independence. Outside of the Daily, she can be found on a run around Medford or walking to Dunkin’ Donuts for her daily cup of iced coffee. Her proudest moment at the Daily was working on the commencement issue from last spring! Ask her about initiatives in the business department! She can be reached at [email protected]


The Tufts Daily Executive Board
Summer and Fall 2021




Chloe Courtney Bohl
Executive News Editor



Delaney Clarke
Executive Features Editor



Maeve Hagerty
Executive Arts Editor





Faye Shen Li Thijssen
Executive Opinion Editor



Isaac Karp
Executive Sports Editor


Alex Viveros
Investigative Editor




Aaron Klein
Executive Audio Producer


Joe Posthauer
Web Manager




Mina Terzioglu
Executive Photo Editor




Kiana Vallo
Executive Photo Editor



Ty Blitstein
Executive Video Editor



Charlene Tsai
Executive Layout Editor




Maddy Noah
Executive Layout Editor



Mike Kourkoulakos
Executive Layout Editor



Michael Wu
Executive Graphics Editor




Abi Vixama
Executive Copy Editor



Julia Shannon-Grillo
Executive Copy Editor



Sydney Spivy
Executive Social Media Editor


Elise Fong
Executive Social Media Editor



Emily Walker
Outreach Coordinator


Hannah Harris
Outreach Coordinator