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The Tufts Daily is the entirely student-run newspaper of record at Tufts University in Medford, Mass. An editorially and financially independent organization, the Daily’s staff of more than 100 covers news, features, arts and sports on Tufts’ four campuses and in its host communities. The Daily’s editorial board and columnists provide opinions and commentary alongside op-eds submitted by readers and members of the Tufts community. In recent years, the Daily has also expanded into multimedia, including podcasts and video journalism.

Founded in 1980, the Daily publishes new content every weekday and distributes a print edition weekly during the academic year. All of the Daily’s coverage can be found on its consistently updated website devoted to upholding its motto: “Where you read it first.”

Many alumni of the Daily have gone on to lead successful careers in journalism and other industries, including: Patrick Healy, deputy opinion editor at The New York Times; Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay; Geoff Edgers, national arts reporter for The Washington Post; Karen Israel, producer for Dateline NBC; David Kramer, former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor; Bob Goodman, senior vice president for product experience at Virgin Pulse; Elizabeth Landers, chief political correspondent for VICE News; and many others.

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The Tufts Daily Managing Board

Spring 2023


Julia Shannon-Grillo, Editor in Chief

Julia is celebrating her sixth semester at the Daily, having previously served as a managing editor and an executive copy editor. She oversees the Daily’s editorial, production and business departments and is responsible for advancing the health and vitality of the paper. Additionally, Julia manages community-building events for the Daily’s staff and seeks to foster an environment that offers opportunities for social and professional growth. When she’s not in the office, Julia can be found sailing on Mystic Lake, setting her kitchen’s fire alarm off or talking incessantly about how great Vermont is. She is most proud of the positive energy she brings to the office! Julia is a junior from Burlington, Vt. studying community health. She can be reached at [email protected]. Ask her about student media rights!


Alexander Janoff, Senior Editor

Alex is celebrating his eighth semester at the Daily, having previously served as editor in chief in spring 2022 and in the news section, covering TCU Senate and student government, admissions and public health before serving as the executive news editor for fall 2021. He is a senior from Wayland, Mass. studying computer science and political science. Along with Julia, Alex is responsible for leading the Daily’s Editorial Department and ensuring the factual accuracy and clarity of all newspaper content. When he’s not in the office, he can be found on the ski hill (he’s on Tufts’ club alpine team) or sitting in front of a fire, ideally with a book but more likely scrolling TikTok. His proudest moment at the Daily was compiling and editing the hefty Spring 2022 Commencement Edition with the rest of the spring 2022 Managing Board. Alex can be reached at [email protected]. Ask him about the Daily’s ongoing digital transformation!


Aaron Klein, Associate Editor

Aaron is celebrating his fourth semester at the Daily, having previously served as an executive audio producer. Along with Rachel and Maddy, Aaron facilitates day-to-day collaboration among the Editorial, Production and Business departments and spearheads long-term strategic projects to ensure the continued health of the Daily. When he’s not in the office, Aaron can be found watching films at the Somerville Theater, promoting his groan-worthy sense of humor (he does this in the office too) or having late-night conversations about religion, philosophy or the Muppets. One of his proudest moments at the Daily was expanding the paper’s audio section by introducing new non-podcast initiatives such as the Daily Read. Aaron is a junior from Hainesport, N.J. studying English, film and media studies and political science. He can be reached at [email protected]. Ask him about the Daily’s commitment to multimedia journalism!


Rachel Liu, Associate Editor

Rachel is celebrating her fourth semester at the Daily, having previously served as an executive copy editor. Along with Aaron and Maddy, she is responsible for overseeing long-term projects and facilitating the everyday operations of the paper. She is passionate about welcoming new staff to the Daily community. Outside of the office, Rachel is often found cooking with friends, looking for an open table at Kindlevan Café or browsing around bookstores in Boston. Her proudest moment at the Daily was working with her co-executive editor to train new copy editors in fall 2022. Rachel is a sophomore from Albany, N.Y. studying biology and community health. She can be reached at [email protected]. Ask her about the AP Stylebook!


Madeline Mueller, Associate Editor

Maddy is celebrating her sixth semester with the Daily, having previously served as a news editor and assistant copy editor. Along with Aaron and Rachel, she is responsible for supporting the Daily’s day-to-day operations as well as designing and pursuing long-term projects. Outside of the office, Maddy can be found playing ultimate frisbee or running with the marathon team. She is a junior from Concord, Mass. studying biochemistry. Maddy can be reached at [email protected]. Ask her about why you should join the Daily!


Mike Kourkoulakos, Production Director

Mike is celebrating his sixth semester with the Daily, having previously served as an executive layout editor for two semesters. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of production at the Daily, which include layout, printing and distribution. His proudest moment at the Daily was helping layout’s newest members get comfortable laying out the paper. Mike is a junior from Mahwah, N.J. studying biology. When he’s not in the Daily office, he can be found watching (or wishing he was watching) football, listening to music or taking a study break on his Xbox. Mike can be reached at [email protected]. Ask him about the Daily’s print editions!


Sam Berman, Business Director

Sam is celebrating his third semester with the Daily, having previously served as the Business Director. He is in charge of the Business department and is responsible for the Daily’s financial independence. His proudest moment at the Daily was creating a Business leadership team. Sam is a sophomore from Louisville, Ky. studying economics and finance. When he’s not in the Daily office, he can be found swimming at the pool or trying new restaurants. Sam can be reached at [email protected]. Ask him about initiatives in the Business department!

The Tufts Daily Executive Board
Spring 2023



Aaron Gruen
Executive News Editor

Kaitlyn Wells
Executive Features Editor


Henry Chandonnet
Executive Arts Editor



Idil Kolabas
Executive Opinion Editor


Henry Murray
Executive Opinion Editor

Arielle Weinstein
Executive Sports Editor


Sam Russo
Executive Investigative Editor


Ian Lau
Executive Science Editor


Madeleine Aitken
Executive Audio Producer


David Kim
Executive Photo Editor


Quan Tran
Executive Photo Editor


Julia Carpi
Executive Video Editor


Meghna Singha
Executive Layout Editor


Olivia White
Executive Layout Editor


Avril Lynch
Executive Graphics Editor



Becky Povill
Executive Graphics Editor



Merry Jiao
Executive Copy Editor



Marlee Stout
Executive Copy Editor


Liz Buehl

Executive Social Media Editor


Kate Seklir
Alumni Liaison



Ella Dovey
Executive Social Media Editor


Odessa Gaines
Intentionality & Inclusivity Committee Co-Chair


Evelyn Altschuler

Executive Newsletter Editor

Elizabeth Foster
Alumni Liaison


Ryan Sorbi

Intentionality & Inclusivity Committee Co-Chair