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The Tufts Daily is the entirely student-run newspaper of record at Tufts University in Medford, Mass. An editorially and financially independent organization, the Daily’s staff of more than 100 covers news, features, arts and sports on Tufts’ four campuses and in its host communities. The Daily’s editorial board and columnists provide opinions and commentary alongside op-eds submitted by readers and members of the Tufts community. In recent years, the Daily has also expanded into multimedia, including podcasts and videojournalism.

Founded in 1980, the Daily publishes a print edition four days each week and a digital edition every weekday during the academic year. All of the Daily’s coverage can be found on its consistently updated website devoted to upholding its motto: “Where you read it first.”

Many alumni of the Daily have gone on to lead successful careers in journalism and other industries, including: Karen Israel, producer for Dateline NBC; Patrick Healy, politics editor at The New York Times; Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay; David Kramer, former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor; Bob Goodman, senior vice president for product experience at Virgin Pulse; and many others.

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The Tufts Daily Managing Board

Spring 2021


Megan Szostak

Megan Szostak, Editor-in-Chief

Megan is celebrating her fifth semester at the Daily, having previously served as Executive Arts Editor. She is responsible for managing all sections of the Daily, and works closely with the Editorial Department. When she’s not in the office, she can be found blasting Gregorian chant in her room or updating her Slack status. Her proudest moment at the Daily was seeing her byline published for the first time as a Features columnist. Megan is a junior studying sociology, music and medieval studies and can be reached at [email protected] Ask her about student journalism or the Daily’s editorial process!


Ethan Steinberg, Managing Editor

Ethan is celebrating his fourth semester at the Daily, having previously served as an Executive Copy Editor. Along with Megan, he leads the Editorial Department and is responsible for accuracy, intentionality and clarity in all content. When he’s not in the office, you can find him searching for a practice room in Granoff or watching anything that Larry David produces. His proudest moment at the Daily was the time he removed his 100th Oxford comma in fall 2020. Ethan is a sophomore studying international relations and film and media studies and can be reached at [email protected]. Ask him about initiatives on content quality!


Liz Shelbred

Liz Shelbred, Associate Editor

Liz is looking forward to her fifth semester at the Daily, having previously served as Executive Opinion Editor. Alongside Cole, she sends our weekly newsletters, builds community within the Daily and works within the Editorial Department. In addition, Liz leads the Education Committee and is passionate about journalism education initiatives. Outside of the Daily, she can be found sipping on a Medford Fog at the Sink, watching “Grey’s Anatomy” or participating in other on-campus organizations like The Ivy at Tufts or Amnesty International. Her proudest moment at the Daily was watching members of the Editorial Board bloom into critical thinkers and persuasive writers despite the challenges of the fall 2020 semester. Liz is a junior studying international relations and civic studies and can be reached at [email protected]. Ask her about journalism education initiatives! 


Cole Wolk

Colton Wolk, Associate Editor

Cole is commencing his sixth semester at the Daily, having previously served as Executive Copy Editor. He manages the newsletters with Liz and works in the Editorial Department. Additionally, he oversees tech operations and is working to revamp the Daily’s digital presence, making him the de facto Managing Board IT guy. He loves en dashes and gerunds and holds the record for the most copy edits in a single article, for better or worse. Outside of the Daily, you can catch him making origami, drinking decaf coffee or practicing Mandarin for when he finally gets to study abroad. Cole is a junior studying computer science and Chinese and can be reached at [email protected] Email him with all your grammar and tech questions!


Yanqing Huang

Yanqing Huang, Production Director

Yanqing is in her third semester at the Daily, having previously served as an Executive Layout Editor. She is responsible for overseeing the production side of the Daily, from laying out the content to ensuring that the paper is printed and distributed across campus. Outside of the Daily, she can be found studying in the back area of Tisch Library or drinking tea (she is a huge tea-lover and tries to collect different kinds of tea). Her proudest moment at the Daily was finishing layout of the paper at 12:09 a.m., which was her closest record to the midnight deadline. Yanqing is a sophomore studying biology and community health and can be reached at [email protected]. Ask her about initiatives on layout design and production!


Evelyn McClure

Evelyn McClure, Business Director

Evelyn is celebrating her fourth semester with the Daily, previously writing and editing for the Features section. She leads the Business Department, which is responsible for keeping the Daily financially solvent through advertising and donations. When she is not in the office, you can find her working on a problem set in the SEC or baking in her suite. Her proudest moment at the Daily was seeing her first byline as a Features writer her first-year fall. Evelyn is a sophomore studying math and quantitative economics and can be reached at [email protected]. Ask her about any initiatives on advertising or business operations!


The Tufts Daily Executive Board
Spring 2021




Maddie Aitken
Executive News Editor



Sarah Crawford
Executive Features Editor



Tuna Margalit
Executive Arts Editor





Priya Padhye
Executive Opinion Editor



Alex Sharp
Executive Sports Editor



Jessica Blough
Investigative Editor




Hannah Harris
Executive Audio Producer



Austen Money
Executive Video Editor



Sophie Dolan
Executive Photo Editor




Campbell Devin
Executive Layout Editor



Elizabeth Foster
Executive Layout Editor



Kendall Roberts
Executive Layout Editor




Calisa Sana
Executive Graphics Editor



Annabel Nied
Executive Graphics Editor



Mariel Priven
Executive Copy Editor




Kate Seklir
Executive Copy Editor



Michelle Li
Executive Social Media Editor



Tiffany Namkoong
Executive Social Media Editor




Rebecca Barker
Outreach Coordinator



Jilly Rolnick
Outreach Coordinator



Sam Russo
Outreach Coordinator