The Intentionality and Inclusivity Committee

The Tufts Daily’s Intentionality and Inclusivity Committee (I&I) is a space for students, journalists, leaders and thinkers who aim to hold the Daily accountable to fair and equitable representation of the Tufts community. Our mission is to maintain the same level of quality and scope of our content while ensuring that we are providing coverage that is equitable, accurate and contextualized. 

Independently run from the managing board of the newspaper, this committee offers a unique space to discuss pertinent issues of our time related to current media content. Throughout the year we’ll be conducting trainings, surveys, and conferences related to ethics and inclusivity. 

We want to foster exploratory discussions on social justice issues, oppressive socio-political structures and problematic language in our publication and within our newsroom. Our publication is one of the largest and most-widely read platforms on campus — how can we use that privilege to amplify the stories and perspectives of historically marginalized communities.

The committee is comprised of members from various sections of the Daily, allowing us to examine and evaluate the coverage and documentation of a wide range of issues and stories.  

The I&I Committee holds meetings every Friday at 2:45 p.m. We welcome every member of the Tufts community to join us in our conversations about the internal biases of the Daily, and our discussions regarding case studies from a variety of publications. Please contact [email protected] if you’re interested in getting involved or want to join our discussion! 

Committee Chairs: Odessa Gaines and Ryan Sorbi

Case Studies that the I&I Committee has examined: 
Harvard Crimson Article; ICE Controversy 

The Tom Cotton Op-Ed published in the New York Times

The Taliban Op-Ed published in the New York Times

The Putin Op-Ed published in the New York Times


Interested in learning more about I&I? Do you have ideas, comments or concerns? Fill out the I&I Committee’s Google Form.