How Tufts Works: Working together

About a month ago, I interviewed Ian Seerung, a sophomore, for this column. While he described working long hours as a full-time student, I was reminded of my own experience of working during high school. To save money for college, I took on extra shifts and worked through holidays at a French bakery near my […]

How Tufts Works: Chopping prices

This week’s column delves into the question of “How Tufts Works” for students. For some Tufts students, balancing work and school is a major challenge. For others, it is a well-established part of life. Sophomore Ian Seerung belongs well within the latter group. In high school, Seerung was working nearly 30-hour weeks during the school […]

International student employment training program to nearly double in cost

The cost of Curricular Practical Training (CPT), a program that allows international students to gain work experience in their field of study, will nearly double from the half-credit cost to a total of $966 starting this summer as the university’s new credit system is implemented. CPT is a federally regulated program administered by the International Center (I-Center) at Tufts that gives […]

Tufts strives to build community, support system for undocumented students

As more undocumented students have been accepted and have enrolled at Tufts in both the Class of 2019 and 2020, following the university’s 2015 decision to begin admitting undocumented students, Tufts continues to allocate resources to support these students’ college careers and beyond. Over a year ago, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Lee Coffin announced that Tufts would change its […]

Incorporating computer system, Mail Services aims to provide efficient operations

Tufts Mail Services, which is located in Hill Hall, provides package and mail handling services for the entire campus. Sheila Chisholm, the Support and Administrative Services manager of Mail Services, has been at Tufts for 34 years and has seen the Mail Services operation evolve dramatically. “It’s a very efficient process,” Chisholm said. “Before…we had a […]