Editorial: Tufts must support Group of Six by filling vacancies, increasing center staff

The Group of Six, which promotes events, discussion and community through the lens of social identities, is critically important for Tufts students looking to access the unique resources and support systems that its centers offer. The Group of Six is made up of the Africana Center, the Asian American Center, the FIRST Resource Center, the Latino Center, the LGBT Center and […]

Student Affairs seeks to fill three staff vacancies in Group of Five centers

Following K. Martinez’s decision to leave their position as director of the Women’s Center in April, six full-time staff members are currently serving campus cultural centers. There are currently staffing vacancies including the Women’s Center director, a temporary administrative position to be hired for the summer and a staff administrator at Bolles House to serve the Latino […]

Director of Women’s Center K. Martinez leaves Tufts after 11 months

K. Martinez, the director of the Women’s Center, will be leaving Tufts on April 13. In their past 11 months as director, Martinez has spearheaded a number of changes and updates to the Women’s Center and overseen projects and programs on a larger scale. Martinez’s first order of business as director was to renovate the […]

ID card scanner improves accessibility in Women’s Center

The Women’s Center announced in its Feb. 12 newsletter that it had installed an ID card scanner to expand student access to the center. K. Martinez, the director of the Women’s Center, said they led the initiative in an effort to make the Women’s Center more accessible to students who use the space. They explained that during […]

ASAP and BARCC discuss future plans, resources, #MeToo campaign

Content warning: this article mentions sexual assault High-profile cases and allegations have brought the issue of sexual assault to the forefront of the national media. But on college campuses, the issue of sexual assault is one that both on- and off-campus groups around Tufts have been tackling for decades. Action for Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP) […]

Tufts students march in Boston Women’s March for America

Tens of thousands of people marched through Downtown Boston for the Boston Women’s March for America on Saturday, in protest of President Donald Trump’s inauguration the day prior. The march, according to its website, was inspired by the Women’s March on Washington, with the mission of “[uniting] in Boston to march in solidarity with communities most […]

Steph Gauchel leaves position as director of Women’s Center

This week, Steph Gauchel officially left her position as the director of Tufts Women’s Center. Gauchel, who had held the position for the past seven and a half years, relinquished the position to accept a job as the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at the Harvard Divinity School. She begins serving in her new role today, Feb. 29.  […]

Tufts seniors organize drive to collect feminine hygiene products

Seniors Annie Goodman, Kaley Leshem and Nora Fleming have worked together to organize a feminine hygiene products drive to collect tampons, pads and other menstrual care products for the Somerville Homeless Coalition. The drive, which is sponsored by Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Omicron Pi (AOII), Alpha Phi, Chi Omega, Lambda Pi Chi, Vitality, Strong Women Strong Girls and the Women’s Center, will run until April 27 […]