Senior Profile: Jason Mejia displays passion for music, people

In his four years at Tufts, graduating senior Jason Mejia has become beloved by so much of the Tufts community, simply by making it a priority to get to know as many people as possible. “I expected to know some people, but I didn’t expect to become the notable campus icon that I’ve come to […]

Yam Session: A look inside Tufts nighttime radio

Upon entering the WMFO Tufts Freeform Radio studio on the third floor of Curtis Hall at 10 p.m. on March 4, a show winds down with a final, upbeat song. The room looks exactly as one might picture when imagining a collegiate radio station studio — a music-themed paradise of sorts. There is an entire wall dedicated […]

The Elephant in the Room: Scheduled happiness

Despite only gracing the planet with my presence for 19 years, I sometimes feel like I’ve been living for an eternity. The lines between the weeks start to blur together after a semester really gets into full swing. For example, on any given Wednesday, I can tell you exactly where I will be and for […]

Do it this weekend: Oct. 7-10

Because of Indigenous People’s Day, we have an extra day of the weekend, which means everyone has an extra day to check out awesome things that are happening on campus. Here are some of those things you should be sure to check out: “Electoral College Dropouts: An Institute Show” Details: The Institute Sketch Comedy will be […]

TUTV to release new webseries ‘Wave Jacked’

Broadcast television has, for a long time, staunchly held out against the internet revolution, instead choosing to keep its wares off the web for technical and legal reasons. The Average Joe found workarounds to these two hurdles long ago, and thus, in an absurdly simplified manner, the age of internet television was born. Lately, however, the […]