Anita’s Angle: If I say ‘blockchain,’ will you read this?

The 2018 midterm elections exposed a number of flaws in the U.S. voting process. In Palm Beach County, Fla., voting machines older than the very first MacBook overheated, setting back election officials by a full day in the race to recount ballots in the state’s disputed U.S. Senate race. We may have surmounted the hurdle of hanging […]

Tufts to offer employees paid leave on Election Day to vote

Tufts faculty, staff and employees that are registered to vote can take one hour of paid leave on Election Day to go vote, according to an Oct. 24 email to all university employees from Tufts Human Resources. The new policy will be continued in future years, according to Executive Vice President Patricia Campbell. The policy is available to […]

Mayoral candidates Curtatone and Corbett set to face off after Somerville preliminary election

Current Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone and challenger Payton Corbett will head into the city’s mayoral election after a preliminary election held on Tuesday, Sept. 19. Meanwhile, the third candidate, Kenneth Van Buskirk III, will end his candidacy after taking the smallest share of votes. Curtatone, who has served as mayor for 13 years, won 58.16 percent of […]

Editorial: Get out the vote

The Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate elections for the 2017-2018 school year took place on April 12. Dozens of students were selected to serve the student body, including seven senators from each class year, five committee on student life representatives, six community representatives and seven judiciary members. Although these individuals will spend the next academic year working on […]

NPR correspondent moderates panel on civic life post-election

Speakers from a variety of fields addressed the current state of civic engagement in the United States at a panel discussion in a mostly-full ASEAN Auditorium last night. The event, entitled “The Civic State of the Union,” was part of the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life’s Distinguished Speaker Series. The event’s panelists were Professor Robert Putnam from the Harvard Kennedy School, […]

Point-Counterpoint: Voting for third-party candidates

‘Point-Counterpoint’ juxtaposes two opposing perspectives on polarizing issues and debates. The following responses, written by the Daily’s opinion section, address both sides of the debate on voting for third-party candidates in the 2016 presidential election. The case for third-party voting In the 2016 presidential election, third parties are forecasted to enjoy an almost unprecedented level of support. Current […]

JumboVote looks to boost students’ voter turnout

JumboVote 2016, described on its website as “a multifaceted, university-wide initiative to boost political learning, engagement and voting in this year’s presidential election,” has been working to tackle the barriers and questions some Tufts students face when registering or voting in order to increase students’ voter registration and turnout. While the JumboVote initiative extends to all of Tufts’ departments, schools and campuses, […]

Op-Ed: Older and (maybe) wiser

When President Obama ran for office in 2008, he was doing so as a man who had two years of experience in the United States Senate. He was 47 years old. People believed that America needed a “fresh face” and new ideas. Now, eight years later, our country is deciding who will take over for […]

Tufts students take to the polls on Super Tuesday

Students who are registered to vote in the state of Massachusetts headed to the polls yesterday to cast their ballots in the state’s primary election. Massachusetts was one of 13 states and one territory to hold primaries and caucuses on the day known as “Super Tuesday.” In Massachusetts, former Secretary of State and New York Senator Hillary Clinton (D) won the […]