Expert on US-Europe relations Karen Donfried sees rift in transatlantic ties

German Marshall Fund President Karen Donfried believes the United States’ relationship with Europe is as crucial as ever, even though America is retreating from the international order it helped build. Donfried called for a recommitment to transatlantic alliances by reforming them into a “new West” at a talk hosted by The Fletcher School of Law and […]

Looking in: Making it explicit

Bias and discrimination against immigrants exist in the United States. This is not a controversial statement. The same situation exists in the United Kingdom. When I arrived in the United Kingdom on a student visa, just as I had to the United States, I expected no difference. “Random searches” if I had not shaved my […]

Looking out: Scottish distinction

I spent the past weekend in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, on a Tufts-organized trip. After a month in England, I felt a marked difference in Scotland. It felt more European, though it is farther from the continent than England. Scotland has its own language, Scottish Gaelic, though only a small minority speak it. Yet […]

Looking Out: Europe moved on

Ever since the Brexit referendum that ended with a small leave victory, the British public and media have been talking about the monumental decision: Brexit, Brexit, Brexit. There are so many moving parts to talk about: the opinions of different parties and politicians, the disagreements in the Tory cabinet on the extent of Brexit and how […]

Secretary of State John Kerry visits campus, meets with foreign ministers

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived on campus Saturday morning for a meeting hosted by The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and Tisch College of Civic Life with the foreign ministers of Germany, France, the United Kingdom (UK), Italy and the European Union (EU). The meeting, which took place at 11:30 a.m. at Ballou Hall, […]

Tufts Global Reach to host alumni engagement event in London

Almost 200 members of the Tufts community abroad are congregating in London this weekend to connect with the university and each other for the Tufts Alumni International’s second Global Reach event. The events this weekend include a variety of presentations and networking opportunities for attendees that range from current and prospective students to alumni, parents and friends of the university. […]