Students with undocumented status share fears, calls for action

This is the second part of a two-part series produced by the Daily’s Investigative Team. All students and people mentioned in this article who have undocumented citizenship status are referred to by their first name only due to concerns for their safety. On Sept. 5, just hours after Tufts’ first day of classes began, Attorney General […]

Monaco releases statement pledging protection, legal counsel to undocumented students

University President Anthony Monaco released a statement yesterday titled “Supporting and Protecting our DACA and Undocumented Students,” calling for an enhancement of Tufts’ commitment to its undocumented students in the face of possible changes in federal immigration law under the coming administration of President-elect Donald Trump. In the statement, Monaco asserts that Tufts intends to resist any […]

Rabid xenophobia betrays American history, the facts

If you asked political pundits coming into the 2016 campaign to define what issue would be the most important in the Republican primary, you would have heard a lot about the need for a Republican Rebrand–an appeal to people of color, to religious immigrants, to a party willing to contend with two lost elections in […]

Tufts to accept undocumented students, provide financial aid

Tufts United for Immigrant Justice (UIJ) held a rally on Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. on the Lower Campus Center Patio for National Institutions Coming Out Day in Support of Undocumented Education Equity.  Speakers at the rally included UIJ President Zobella Vinik, former UIJ President Liz Palma, Latino Center Director Rubén Stern, Student Immigrant Movement (SIM) Representatives Carlos […]