Repeal and Replace: Tufts’ tuition hikes

In a recent email to the student body, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences James Glaser and Dean of the School of Engineering Jianmin Qu attempted to justify a mystifying tuition increase of 3.8% for the upcoming academic year. Beyond exceeding this year’s consumer price index increase by a factor of two, the […]

News roundup: Last year in headlines

Last year, Tufts saw a continuation of established debates and drama, as well as the emergence of new issues that stand to affect the campus in the coming months. Here is a review of the key issues as they emerged. September Led by campus group United for Immigrant Justice, more than 60 students protested outside […]

Affordability and the Budget, Part 1: Expansion, investment and the making of an elite institution

Tufts may not have the university name recognition of its world-renowned neighbors in Cambridge, but it is widely considered an elite institution, well-known for providing a high quality undergraduate education and for conducting world-class research amongst its students and faculty. In 2018, Tufts was ranked the 29th best university in the country according to U.S. […]

Deans explain tuition increases for 2018–2019 school year

Dean of Arts and Sciences James Glaser and Dean of the School of Engineering Jianmin Qu announced in a March 29 email that Tufts students could expect tuition to rise to $70,941 for the 2018–2019 academic year, a 3.76 percent increase from this year’s tuition. According to Glaser, rising costs are an expected part of running a university, and […]

Jumbo Exchange: School and money

I can’t believe the spring semester will end in about a month. Have you decided your plans for the summer break? Well, I guess that right around now, some people are busy with searching for tickets to travel, and others are busy with finding a job or internship for the summer. If anything, I feel the […]

Tufts Student Action holds rally to protest tuition hike

On the afternoon of Monday, April 2, about 20 students gathered on the lower patio of the Mayer Campus Center as part of a rally to protest the raise in tuition for the 2018-2019 academic year. The tuition increase was announced in a March 29 email from James Glaser, Dean of the School of Arts and […]

Town hall on budget transparency adds to financial conversation

University administrators addressed a crowd of around 100 people at a Budget Transparency Town Hall on Tuesday, hosted by Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate and Tufts Student Action (TSA). The event, intended to start a discussion about the Tufts budget as well as current debt in the School of Arts and Sciences and School of Engineeering (AS&E), included an […]

Op-Ed: Let’s talk about the ‘Greedy administrators’

Content warning: This op-ed mentions sexual assault. When Reagan started his crusade against welfare, he referred to Linda Taylor, his example of all that was wrong about government assistance programs. He propped her up as an example of “welfare queens” in low-income neighborhoods, who were supposedly collecting tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of dollars in […]

Op-Ed: #HaltTheHike: A Call for transparency, accountability and accessibility in our community

 An email was sent to the undergraduate student body on April 12 by Dean of Arts and Sciences James Glaser and Dean of Engineering Jianmin Qu with the subject line “2016-2017 Tuition Update,” notifying students for the first time in recent history of a 3.6 percent increase in tuition, room, board and fees, bringing tuition costs […]

Seniors form Tufts Union Debate, spinoff of Oxford’s debate forum

Tufts Union Debate, a newly-founded group modeled after the Oxford Union, will host seven public debates on issues related to Tufts, the nation and the world this semester. The first debate will take place on Sept. 19 in Braker Hall Room 001. By providing a forum for regular debates between students, faculty and outside experts, the Tufts Union intends […]