Op-Ed: One year since Tier Town: Assault and accountability in Tufts student-activism

Content warning: This article discusses sexual violence. I was raped by a fellow protester one year ago during Tufts Housing League’s Tier Town protest. Although several bystanders witnessed it, including protest marshals, they left me alone when I most needed them. In the months that followed, my rapist and her enablers constructed a narrative that […]

Editorial: New Year’s resolutions for Tufts, part 2

Today, we continue our two-part editorial suggesting New Year’s resolutions for our university to adopt. By addressing institutional issues that affect us every day, Tufts can become a more inclusive, fair and accessible community. Tufts, these should be your goals for 2020: Support Medford and Somerville communities through higher PILOT payments Tufts must address its […]

Editorial: New Year’s resolutions for Tufts, part 1

The semester is coming to a close, with only one week of classes remaining. This change in scenery comes as a reset button that provides an opportunity for reflection, change and improvement in the form of New Year’s resolutions. Whatever your personal resolutions may be, the Daily would like to put forth a different kind […]

Editorial: Tufts must act to achieve gender pay parity

A Nov. 12, 2019, article in the Daily reported that the net wage gap between male and female professors has expanded. These findings emerged from a 2018–19 study by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), which reveals that full-time female professors at Tufts get paid, on average, $5,400 less than their male counterparts, and […]

Gray Areas Matter: Socioeconomic diversity at Tufts

It’s no secret that Tufts has a particularly wealthy student body. According to data from The New York Times, the median family income at Tufts is an astounding $224,800, placing the average student comfortably in the top 15% of the nation’s demographic, and the student body itself in 10th place for highest median family income […]

Schmuck of the Week: A Myles Garrett take you might not expect

Who knew a trip to the barbershop could be so disheartening. Well, I must qualify this by saying that it is not a reflection of the barbershop itself but a cliché staple of barbershops that reminds me just how different the Tufts University realm can be from city life. Settling into the chair with my […]

Op-Ed: The opioid crisis: Is Tufts doing enough?

When it comes to the opioid crisis, Tufts University must do better for its employees who are experiencing addiction. The dramatic increase of opioid addiction, usage and overdose calls for an immediate need for protection and support in the workplace. As an upper-echelon institution and self-proclaimed promoter of change, Tufts must allocate resources to help […]

Op-Ed: Acknowledging our settler-colonial present

Tufts University’s Medford campus is located on Wôpanâak (Wampanoag) and Massachusett traditional territory. Tufts’ Walnut Hill was once one of the hills in a slave-holding estate called Ten Hills Plantation. Both Africans and Native Americans were enslaved in the colony of Massachusetts, and trade in Native American and African laborers made Massachusetts a driving force […]

Editorial: It’s time for Tufts to subsidize laundry costs

College is expensive. Tuition costs are rising, textbook prices are through the roof, and living costs are not cheap. On top of these expenses, Tufts students are also expected to pay for their laundry while living on campus. While covering the already staggering costs of college, students should not have to worry about additional à […]