Health Service expands resources for student smokers to quit

Tufts Health Service will expand its cessation and education resources for students seeking to quit smoking as soon as this semester, according to Ian Wong, director of the Department of Health Promotion and Prevention. Wong said the resources available to students will include stress reduction workshops, smoking cessation classes and nicotine replacement therapies. This represents a step in the student-run […]

News roundup: top stories from last year

The 2016-2017 academic year was eventful at Tufts University, with everything from tension on campus in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election to shakeups in the Greek life system. The following is a rundown of the biggest stories on the Hill from last year. September Tufts Student Services released the Tufts Mobile app in collaboration with Tufts Technology Services […]

Op-ed: A ban on tobacco and vaping will make the campus less healthy

As a never-smoker who’s lost loved ones to gruesome diseases directly caused by smoking, I’ve always been interested in and enthusiastic about initiatives to assist smokers trying to live healthier lives. The recently announced plan to make Tufts a ‘tobacco-free’ campus will hurt them more than it helps them, and will be of little benefit […]

Tobacco Free initiative to survey Tufts community

Tufts Tobacco Free, a campus initiative that is looking to make the Medford/Somerville campus tobacco-free, plans to survey the Tufts community about its proposed tobacco ban, according to Jennifer Allen, a professor of community health and faculty consultant for Tufts Tobacco Free. The idea for the initiative was conceived four years ago in an Introduction to Community […]

Editorial: Tufts must act with care in implementing smoking ban

Tufts Tobacco Free, a student initiative to make the Medford/Somerville campus tobacco-free, announced at the Feb. 12 Tufts Community Union Senate meeting that the group had gained tentative support from several Tufts administrators and that the university would become tobacco-free over the next few years. While the group is currently seeking feedback on how the ban […]

Student initiative looks to make Tufts a tobacco-free campus

Members of Tufts Tobacco Free, a student initiative four years in the making that seeks to eliminate smoking on the Medford/Somerville campus, are beginning to take the next steps to implement their proposed policy by seeking feedback from the student body. According to organizers, the policy would be rolled out over the course of several years. The group […]