Monaco reserves judgment on Mass. Safe Communities Act

The Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate passed “A Resolution In Support of the Massachusetts Safe Communities Act” on February 20. In this resolution, TCU Senate officially declared its support for the Massachusetts Safe Communities Act and asked University President Anthony Monaco and other Tufts administrators to publicly support the act. The Safe Communities Act, commonly referred to as the “sanctuary state” bill, would forbid law […]

AS&E and Friedman students work to expand Indigenous People’s Day movement at Tufts

The faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering (AS&E) voted on Feb. 24, to change the name of the national holiday that takes place on the second Monday of October from Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day. This name change, which applies to all Tufts AS&E academic calendars, reflects a larger trend on university campuses such as Brown University and in cities such as Cambridge, […]

Op-ed: Can you name your TCU President?

(Spoiler: it’s Brian Tesser.) I bet more of you than you’d like to admit struggled with that question. After an election in which Tesser ran without a single opponent and still managed to scrape together barely the votes necessary, it’s clear that the disconnect between the Tufts community and its elected representatives is gaping. At […]