The Weekly Chirp: Birds and Engineering

To cap off a wonderful fall of avian anecdotes and bird facts, let’s explore how humans have utilized bird morphology to increase the efficiency of modern-day technology. The science and art of mimicking biological structures and functions to solve technical problems, known as biomimicry, is used across scientific fields, ranging from glue derived from the […]

The Weekly Chirp: Birds in history

The bald eagle holds a special place in the hearts of the American people, birders and non-birders alike. While the exact reasoning may vary slightly from person to person, the major reason underlying Americans’ love for bald eagles is their elite status as our national bird. Once hunted to near extinction, bald eagles now inhabit rivers […]

The Weekly Chirp: Birds and coffee

Coffee — it fuels people around the world, but especially Americans. And it looks like our generation of driven, multi-tasking millennials are drinking the most. That’s right, Americans ages 19–34 account for close to half of the total coffee consumption in America — and that number keeps rising. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts giggle with excitement […]

The Weekly Chirp: Wondrous waterfowl

With temperatures finally dropping down to the low 30s last week, it appears the transition from autumn to winter is upon us (but shout out to climate change for those extra couple of warm weeks). Cold winds and gloomy, gray skies provoke several behavioral responses in humans, but mainly a marked shift from light fleeces […]

The Weekly Chirp: Massachusetts birding

Time to shift gears this week and give you all some details about the birding world that surrounds Tufts. And yes, it is indeed known as “birding,” not “birdwatching” —  a common misconception made by non-birders, or as birders call them, “the less fortunate.” The state of Massachusetts, despite its small size, is home to […]

The Weekly Chirp: To mock a mockingbird

The undergraduate experience brings numerous changes to a student’s life, like living away from home and having a beer for the first time upon reaching the appropriate legal age. A perhaps less conspicuous change that occurs throughout our college years is an alteration in our verbal vocabulary. Coming from many places, college students bring a […]

The Weekly Chirp: To go or not to go

With the onset of fall arrives an unavoidable question: what am I going to do during winter break? The extended time at home can be daunting for some, especially for those of us living in New England, who are especially restricted in our ability to leave the house due to terrible weather. A trip down to […]

The Weekly Chirp: Fall plumage

Although our calendars proclaim Sept. 21 as the official first day of fall, any New Englander will tell you that it doesn’t really begin until the humid summer days are replaced with crisp afternoons and cool evenings. With this transition in climate arrives perhaps a more conspicuous change: the abrupt emergence of leggings and flannels. Yes, […]

The Weekly Chirp: Puzzling palates

Food: it keeps us alive and brings people together. As privileged college students, we enjoy a gastronomic cornucopia of daily options, and as a result it has allowed us to convert from generalist omnivores to picky specialists. A juicy piece of marinated steak fails to satisfy the progressive vegan diet, and a bean burger suffers […]

The Weekly Chirp: Beautiful Bowers

The frantic pace and chaos of urban life has, among other things, strained the dating lives of adults around the world. No one has time for things they consider to be unimportant and not urgent like dating, and as a result long-weekends in the White Mountains have been replaced with punctual dinners and casual hookups. […]