Funding Our Future: The Tufts pyramid scheme

Tiered housing is a hot topic on campus; that’s not news to anyone at Tufts. Before Tufts adopted the system this past fall, it had been widely criticized by organizations like the Tufts Housing League as inherently unjust. Since the policy’s adoption, it has been written about, debated and discussed. Just two weeks ago, the […]

Tufts administration to implement tiered housing system in 2019–20

The university administration is facing rising controversy over a tiered housing system that will increase the price of the more attractive on-campus housing units available to students. The announcement is drawing protests from students who fear that the new system will lead to economic segregation on campus. The administration has stated that it will adjust […]

The 617: Local journalism

The Medford Transcript is a local paper that highlights all that goes on in the nearby vicinity. Tufts’ surrounding area has much more to it than some fun restaurants on Boston Avenue. Local politics from the perspective of the local paper gives Tufts’ students insight about what happens in the surrounding area and what matters to people who live […]

Off-Campus Explorations: West Somerville Neighborhood Association

Students who live in West Somerville may have received an informational pamphlet at the beginning of the school year from the West Somerville Neighborhood Association (WSNA), detailing the association’s devotion to preserving a safe, comfortable environment in residential West Somerville. West Somerville includes much of the original land on which Tufts University was founded, according to the City […]

New working group formed to develop master plan for campus housing

A new university working group is in the process of gathering student feedback, assessing campus facilities and analyzing the overall residential experience at Tufts in preparation for the creation of a housing master plan by the end of the semester. The working group, comprised of Campus Planning, Facilities Services, the Office of Residential Life and Learning (ResLife), Student Affairs and the […]

Jumbo Steps: A sweet, suite life

It looks like the proverbial phrase summing up my freshman housing situation, “home is where the WiFi (doesn’t) automatically connect,” is going to be replaced next fall by something even more frightening than tufts-secure’s wrath: “home is where the…strangers live.” Housing season is upon us, ladies and germs. It’s a wild ride, indeed. Since ORLL administered […]

TCU Senate seeks to gain student input on housing issues

The Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate this October created an ad-hoc committee to gather student input about the future of housing at Tufts. Students’ advice and concerns collected by the committee, led by TCU President senior Brian Tesser and Vice President junior Gauri Seth, will be submitted to the university-led Residential Strategies Working Group (RSWG). […]

Tufts in our Community: Symbiosis or Cancer?

An Open Letter to Tufts University President Anthony Monaco and the Board of Trustees At its best, Tufts University contributes to its Somerville and Medford host communities by opening events and exhibits to the public, hosting the annual Community Day, permitting use of some facilities to local groups, allowing residents to audit one class a […]