Funding Our Future: The Tufts pyramid scheme

Tiered housing is a hot topic on campus; that’s not news to anyone at Tufts. Before Tufts adopted the system this past fall, it had been widely criticized by organizations like the Tufts Housing League as inherently unjust. Since the policy’s adoption, it has been written about, debated and discussed. Just two weeks ago, the […]

Editorial: Tiered housing threatens values of financial accessibility, inclusivity

This past fall, Tufts implemented a tiered housing system for sophomores, juniors and seniors, transitioning from a flat housing rate to a range of rates that vary by type of living arrangement. According to a Tufts page announcing the new system, these changes were instituted in order to enable the university “to sustain expansion, investment, […]

Editorial: Tufts has allowed the housing crisis to go too far

Luxury housing is a growing trend at many colleges around the world. From fireplaces to hot tubs to spin studios, these apartment complexes seem to really have it all — and they embody wealth and privilege. This is where Scape, the British firm that recently bought out half a block of prime real estate in […]

Curtatone wins mayoral prelim, challenger sees hope for general

The results of yesterday’s preliminary election for Somerville mayor led both camps to declare victory. Joe Curtatone, Somerville’s incumbent mayor of 15 years, won the three-way contest with 57.49% of the vote, while his main challenger, Marianne Walles, a social worker and activist, garnered 37.12%. The percentage Walles racked presents the closest race against Curtatone […]

Tufts Housing League meets with local mayors

Members of the Tufts Housing League (THL) recently met with the mayors of Medford and Somerville to discuss the impact of Tufts’ housing policies on their respective cities. Both meetings took place in the last week of February, and the university was uninvolved in the meetings, according to THL member and senior Nate Krinsky. THL hopes to meet with […]

Editorial: Students should improve community relations through action

It is easy for us to get stuck in the “Tufts bubble.” Many students, especially underclassmen who live on campus, do not involve themselves in the world beyond Tufts. But, as members of the Medford/Somerville community, it benefits both our campus and its surrounding neighborhoods when students learn more about issues in our community, make an effort to be […]

Op-Ed: From nightmare neighbor to courteous campus: the fight for a fair PILOT

It’s widely accepted that Tufts students live in something of a bubble — between homework, midterms, clubs, sports, internships or jobs, it’s easy to forget that a whole world exists beyond our idyllic life on the hill. But Tufts is, in fact, part of a larger ecosystem, affecting our Medford and Somerville neighbors and the […]

Tufts Housing League hosts panel on housing rights

Disclaimer: Shane Woolley is currently an editorialist at the Daily. Woolley was not involved in the writing or editing of this article. Tufts Housing League (THL) and Tufts Democrats hosted the Housing Rights Panel in the Terrace Room in Paige Hall last night. Panelists discussed the rights of students renting from landlords and the implications of Boston’s housing crisis. Other […]

Repeal and Replace: Landlording

Dear Fellow Students, Last week, I wrote about the importance of transparency in university decision-making. Our community faces an unprecedented housing crisis, and as with any other multifaceted issue, opacity serves only to obstruct mutualistic solutions. Tufts Housing League, Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate and many other groups on campus have been involved in negotiations and […]

Editorial: It is time for a new dorm

Tufts should attack the housing crisis head-on by building a new dorm. Tufts is only able to house 63 percent of undergraduates and is increasing enrollment. The administration has implemented plans that include the displacement of faculty, 28.8 percent rent increases for many students and forced triples. These plans avoid or replicate the central problem with Tufts housing: […]