As election season approaches, students rally for candidates, causes, campus engagement

With the 2016 presidential election on the horizon, Tufts political student organizations have been pursuing different goals and agendas this summer that they will continue this fall. These organizations have their sights set on a variety of political objectives. Here is a look at what the largest political organizations on campus have been up to since the presidential nominees were determined […]

Op-ed: Why Hillary?

By now, we’re sure you have seen the media coverage — both positive and negative — on the woman we hope will be inaugurated as our next president, but how much do you know about her and her supporters? Though you may be a strong Hillary supporter, you may still be undecided or supporting Bernie […]

Tufts Democrats attend annual NH Democratic State Convention

On an early foggy Saturday morning, 68 members of Tufts Democrats departed in groups to attend the 2015 Democratic Party State Convention held in Manchester, N.H. Over 4,000 people from the surrounding states and the Democratic Party gathered in the Verizon Wireless Arena to hear from various Democratic Party officers and six Presidential candidates, including former […]