A critique of the Tufts Daily from within

“Cold objectivity in the face of injustice is a form of complicity,” renowned Mexican author Octavio Paz writes about Elena Poniatowska’s journalistic testimony “Massacre in Mexico” in his introduction to her book. Last year, the Intentionality and Inclusivity (I&I) Committee wrote a statement with the spring 2017 Managing Board for the Daily that dissuaded journalists from seeking “objectivity” […]

Several Jumbos set PRs in last regular-season meet

Tufts competed this weekend at the Trinity College Invitational, the team’s last regular-season meet before the start of NESCACs.  The team was smaller than usual last weekend because many of the players took time off to rest. “The girls who did compete were able to hit some solid marks, and even got some [personal records],” junior Jennifer […]

Jumbos kick off outdoor season in sweltering Vegas

The Jumbos officially started their outdoor season with an invitational meet at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas over spring break.   “We ended up getting in really late the night before, or more like early that morning, so we hadn’t practiced on an outdoor track yet,” sophomore hurdler and jumper Kylene DeSmith said. “So for us to […]

Editorial: A push to remove criminal history from college applications

The past few months have been critical in the fight to make higher education more accessible to all, especially those with criminal records. This summer, the U.S. Department of Education called on public and private universities to reassess the way that criminal records affect applicants’ admission. In June, they called upon universities to adopt the […]

Student journalists hold conference on race and social justice in the media

Editor’s note: The Daily’s editorial board acknowledges that this article presents a conflict of interest, since the event being covered was hosted by members of the Daily. Members of the paper’s managing board did not discuss the reporting of this story with the writer, and this piece does not represent the Daily’s usual journalistic practices. Student journalists […]

On Writing Op-Eds

Dear readers, When I first took on the new role as an Executive Op-Ed Editor, my first challenge was recruiting new staff for the Opinion section. I was worried that not a lot of students would want to apply to be regular writers. Why sign up for more deadlines on top of our unceasing flow of assignments and social […]

Printing in the Digital Age: Behind the Scenes at The Tufts Daily

Editor’s Note: The Daily’s editorial board acknowledges that this article is premised on a conflict of interest. The piece is a special feature that does not represent the Daily’s standard journalistic practices.  At 5:30 am, Jasson Bitencourt arrives at the Gannett Boston Offset, where the Daily is printed each day. The smell of ink lingers in the air […]