TrapFest Festival highlights local artists and community

Anyone walking down Professors Row on Friday afternoon would have heard the flying verses of Dutch Rebelle, seen students gathered on the grass of the Africana Center yard, felt the energy and come to the same conclusion about TrapFest that was being shouted by the crowd: it’s lit. Tufts’ first annual TrapFest outdoor music festival featured Brooklyn […]

Beyoncé celebrates her black Southern roots with ‘Formation’

“What happened after New Orleans?” asks the voice of the late Anthony Barre, better known as Messy Mya, over the intro to Beyoncé’s new surprise single, “Formation” (2016). Barre, a black comedian, rapper and social media celebrity who was killed at the age of 22 in November 2010, isn’t really asking us so much as […]

RL Grime’s ‘VOID’ straddles genres and takes them for a ride

Henry Steinway began releasing smash club hits under the name Clockwork, producing remixes of songs by the big dogs of the EDM scene like Avicii. He found some success under the Clockwork moniker, but his connection to the work he produced sometimes seemed tenuous. He now seeks to establish himself as an artist in his own right under […]