Annie Soisson to become director of CELT

Annie Soisson will step into the position of director at the Center for Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) beginning July 1, a promotion from her current role as senior associate director. The position has been held by Donna Qualters for the past seven and a half years. Both Soisson and Qualters have been involved in […]

Digital Collections and Archives brings rich, complex history of Tufts to life

Tucked away on the G Floor of Tisch Library is the office of Tufts’ Digital Collections and Archives (DCA), which manages over five terabytes of data and a collection of physical records that would stretch for about two miles if it were laid out in a straight line. In addition to preserving university records, the DCA […]

Police Briefs — Week of Nov. 26

Stair down On Nov. 17 at 12:02 a.m., Tufts University Police Department (TUPD) responded to an on-campus call at Bush Hall, where a student had fallen down the stairs and struck their head. The student was found to be drinking, evaluated by Tufts Emergency Medical Services and then transported to the hospital for further care. No smoke without […]

Letter to the Editor: A response to ‘Breaking the culture of sleep deprivation’

To the editor, We in Tisch Library are committed to providing a welcoming, inclusive environment for the Tufts community. We appreciate and share your concerns about student health and wellness addressed in your Oct. 23 editorial on “the culture of sleep deprivation.” Balancing work and life can be challenging (for us as well!). However, it’s for […]

Editorial: Invest in your academic success

The transition to college academics is an adjustment. Class material is more focused; learning concepts might involve turning to a textbook for the first time in your life; and professors can seem like a far-removed entity whose schedules permit few office hours. Do not panic if your fine-tuned study habits from high school fall short. Tufts offers […]

Editorial: Orientation should include resource training

Pre-orientation programs are beginning to prepare for the class of 2022. Last month, FOCUS co-ordinators announced that they will partner with Tisch College to encourage continued community service after the program ends, and the Office for Student Success and Advising is developing a new program called BEAST for first generation students. It is fantastic that pre-orientation programs […]

Celebrating 25-year anniversary, Latino Center donates archives to Digital Collections and Archives

The Latino Center will submit pieces of its history to the Tufts Digital Collections and Archives (DCA) in the coming weeks in celebration of its 25th anniversary. It has been 25 years since the Latino Center was founded in 1993, meaning that when Latino Center intern Khalil Payton walked into work last fall, he was tasked […]

R.E.A.L. Talk: How did we get here?

Most R.E.A.L. students, like me, are commuters. As commuter students, there are advantages and disadvantages. I can step away from college life for a period. I have my independence and my privacy. I can come home when I want, and I don’t have to worry about my leftovers being eaten when I’m gone. Most of […]

How Tufts Works: Books rock

Five minutes after meeting, Kristin Lee and I are standing on a former glacial field examining six hundred million-year-old rocks. Shockingly, we are not on an archeological research trip in Siberia. We are five feet from Tisch Library learning about the geology of Tufts from Grant Garven, professor in the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, who […]