Stan Lee leaves behind Marvelous legacy

There have been many influential figures in the world of entertainment — people who have created the cultural milestones that have shaped entire generations. However, none quite compare to Stan Lee, the co-creator of such beloved superheroes as Spider-Man, Captain America and Thor, who died Nov. 12 at 95. As the man who captured the […]

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ trades spark for spunk

A foretold apocalyptic event looms over Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth’s) kingdom, Asgard. The arrival of Hela (Cate Blanchett), the self-proclaimed goddess of death, prompts his journey to save Asgard from destruction and the universe from invasion. All of this sounds heavy, but doesn’t seem so when you actually sit down and watch. “Thor: Ragnarok” (2017) cranks […]

‘Legion’ is a fresh take on the superhero genre

Superhero films have been immensely popular for years now. Whether one is a fan of “Thor” (2011) or “Spider-Man” (2002), “Captain America” (2011)  or “Iron Man” (2008), there is a surfeit of flicks available to satisfy the public’s hunger for everything super. But as the saying goes, quantity does not always entail quality. As more and more […]

‘Thor: The Dark World’ Review: Laughs and Character Make for One of Marvel’s Best

While Kenneth Branagh struggled to define a world in the original Thor, Alan Taylor has the gift of audience familiarly with its sequel Thor: The Dark World. Branagh’s original film took a long time to find its footing and never quite explored how great the characters of Thor and Loki could be. That second issue was ironed out in The Avengers. […]