20th anniversary ‘Rent’ tour stops in Boston

The 20th anniversary tour of “Rent” had its final performance at the Shubert Theatre, Boston, on Nov. 10. From its very first show at the New York Theatre Workshop in 1993, “Rent” has won several musical awards over the years and was adapted into a movie featuring most of the original cast members in 2005. […]

Guillermo Calderón’s ‘Kiss’ is metatheater for the digital age

How do we know that one’s yellow is not another’s blue? That two people agree on mangos being yellow may suggest that they speak a shared language that associates the word “yellow” with the object “mango.” However, one may not accordingly assume that these people both see the same color when looking at mangoes, because the […]

Kimi Maeda’s ‘Bend’ explores relationship between memory and identity for Day of Remembrance

A black mat blanketed in a thin layer of sand covered the stage at Balch Arena Theatre this past Sunday as part of a performance by artist Kimi Maeda for Tufts’ Day of Remembrance. Wooden blocks, arranged carefully on the stage, formed the images of a house and a car. A wooden rack to the side of […]

A.R.T. revamps old recipe with production of ‘Waitress’

When director Adrienne Shelly’s pie-in-the-sky film success “Waitress” was released in 2007, the first thought on people’s minds was probably not, “Let’s make this a musical.” Nevertheless, eight years later, that is exactly what American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) has done, and in this incarnation, “Waitress” may not be as universally appealing. The movie was widely acknowledged as a […]

Richard III: new man, new play

Few playwrights have had their works adapted so extremely, variously and frequently as William Shakespeare has. It is far less common, however, for the interpretation of one of his characters to deviate from the norm. Yet, with the discovery, exhumation and reinterment of the titular character of “Richard III” (first performed 1633) in September of 2012, […]

‘Dr. Faustus’ brings hell to the classroom

The unaware student may have been slightly confused upon walking into Barnum 008 this past week, as there were some rather unusual course descriptions scrawled onto the blackboard at the front of the room.  “Doctor John Faustus, Magical Arts 024, Barnum 008, Office: Aidekman 666, TA: Klaus Wagner” doesn’t exactly sound like the credentials of the […]

Torn Ticket II production of ‘Into the Woods’ dazzles

From March 26 to March 28, Cohen Auditorium became a misty woodland, the site of fairy tales come to life. Student musical group Torn Ticket II’s production of “Into the Woods” (first performed in 1986), directed by Katherine Swimm, was a master class in college theatrical productions. The famed fable-based musical, with music and lyrics […]

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater brings energy, heart to Boston

From March 26 to 29, a beautiful, kinetic energy filled the Citi Wang Theatre in Boston, as the lithe dancers of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater moved with powerful grace across the stage to echoing, often booming, songs and sounds. Although the Company danced only five performances from Thursday to Sunday, the visit — sponsored […]

‘Lady of the Camellias’ stuns with beautiful sets, emotive performances

The Spring 2015 season of the Boston Ballet opened with a beautiful rendition of “Lady of the Camellias” (John Neumeier’s ballet version premiered in 1979), a devastatingly sad, yet beautifully told, story of forbidden love. The story starts in the apartment of Marguerite, a courtesan played by principal dancer Erica Cornejo, as she enjoys a […]

‘Is He Dead?’ amuses audience with hilarity, wit

Over the past two weekends, the Tufts Department of Drama and Dance put on the David Ives adaptation of Mark Twain’s play “Is He Dead?” in the Balch Arena Theater. As the title’s inquisitive nature would suggest, the production kept the audience guessing, allowing an engagement between viewers and performers to develop and leading the […]