On Queer: On queer media

“The thing you need to know is, it’s all about sex… They say men think about sex every 28 seconds. Of course, that’s straight men. With gay men, it’s every nine.” So begins “Queer as Folk,” the early-2000s TV show thought to be the apex of queer TV. The show opens in an overflowing gay club as […]

Reshop, Heda

Writer’s note: massive “The 100″ spoilers ahead. Plan to start? A couple weeks behind? Open this in a new tab and come back to me after 3.07. You guys, I’m in mourning. This week, I lost someone who spent Thursday nights on my screen and the rest of the week in my heart — and […]

The CW produces quality sci-fi show in ‘The 100’

TV Shows on the CW are often fairly one-dimensional, despite regularly boasting storylines fueled by teen angst and turbulent love triangles. Granted, that doesn’t prevent millions of viewers from tuning in every week. Once in a while, the CW is able to break away from this stereotype and create shows that respectable TV watchers would spend […]