All Mixed Up: Problematic

What we all know is bad: Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, malpractice, eugenics, genocide, self-loathing, depression, malignant anything, going through grief while in college, unreturned love, foster care, addiction, third-degree burns, needs you can’t afford, lack of belonging, sobbing alone, domestic violence, the list goes on. What we don’t discuss across divides: shame, wealth distribution, gentrification, free […]

Editorial: This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for the Turkey Shuttle

Every Thanksgiving week, students flock across the globe to cherish the holiday with loved ones. For native Bostonians and those living in adjacent states, home is a car ride away. However, many others bridge the physical distance by taking to the skies. This year, the Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate has once again provided Turkey […]

Thoughts from Places: Dewick

The dining halls celebrated Thanksgiving a week before the rest of the country — a welcome surprise on a cold and rainy Thursday night. The hustle and bustle of a crowded cafeteria contrasts sharply with the nearly silent gathering back home. My small family celebration never quite evokes the same feelings of warmth and appreciation as the […]

Eat Your Heart Out: Peanut butter fudge

As Thanksgiving approaches, I feel compelled to share a holiday tradition for this week’s recipe. Every year, for as long as I can remember, I have had the pleasure of indulging in my aunt’s peanut butter “dream” fudge. What I find interesting is that this particular recipe has seen many different iterations over the years. […]

The Tufts Daily Show: The Real History of Thanksgiving

After a much-needed Thanksgiving break, I’d like to open with this: welcome back, all – to Tufts, to Somerville, to where the laundry doesn’t somehow magically do itself and your bed is a hand-me-down from a total stranger. I hope that week of binge drinking with your high school friends was a welcome change of […]