Anita’s Angle: What opinion means to me

I have spent almost four years in the Daily’s Opinion section, sharing my takes with the Tufts community. This week, I started wondering why it matters, after a friend of mine shared with me that he doesn’t normally read opinion writing. He prefers data, numbers and objective information from which he is free to draw […]

R.E.A.L. Talk: Bridge between worlds

An interesting moment happened in class last week. It was one that made me think about where I fall in both the social hierarchy of Tufts and in life. I am the only R.E.A.L. student in all of my classes. That is not the case for all R.E.A.L. students, but for most it is. A student made a […]

Anita’s Angle: Facebook and the ‘post-truth’ era

This past week, Facebook’s market value dropped by $58 billion as it was revealed that the data of 50 million users was wrongfully obtained and misused by the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. Although Facebook has had many scrapes with the laws on privacy, including a consent decree with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in […]

TAMID at Tufts hosts Michael Granoff for lecture on autonomous vehicles, electric energy

At an event hosted by TAMID at Tufts yesterday evening, Michael Granoff (LA ’91), founder of Maniv Mobility, presented a vision of the future that featured autonomous vehicles and clean energy with Israel playing a key role. According to the TAMID at Tufts website, TAMID is a student-led consulting group that “offers programming for business-minded students […]

Anita’s Angle: The singularity is near

As graduation looms nearer for many of my friends, I can’t stop thinking about the realities of the job market and having daily existential crises. Even if I have the next step figured out, what about the one after that? Is my liberal arts degree marketable? Should I have bought Bitcoin? Am I saving enough […]

In Defense of the Butterfly Effect: Vast, but not irreconcilable

Monarch butterflies have completed their journey south, and now rest among themselves in the warmth of south-central Mexico, reminding us of the amazing transformation migration brings. Remarkably, one can flip effortlessly between news articles detailing the journey of the butterflies and those showing the human migration movements happening presently. Obviously, most human migration has not been captured by recorded […]

Snapchat moves into wearable technology with new video camera sunglasses

Snapchat has joined the battle to sell the latest wearable technology with the announcement of its new Spectacles glasses, a pair of sunglasses with a built-in video camera. With this announcement, Snapchat also changed its corporate name to Snap Inc. as an indication of how the company aims to expand beyond the messaging app that made them well-known. The Wall […]

Jersey Over Apron: Virtual fan experience

The sporting fan experience today is something that’s incredibly varied. Whether it be enjoying a youth soccer game from a lawn chair, a collegiate football game from crowded bleachers, or catching a glimpse of your favorite with binoculars from coveted nosebleed seats, being at a sporting event has greatly changed from its original traditions. The hyper-reality […]