Tufts alum Zach Groen blazes trail in NFL

For Tufts alum Zach Groen, serving as the public relations manager for the Philadelphia Eagles is more than a job — it’s a dream come true. Groen is in his fifth year with the franchise serving as a liaison between the media and the team. He graduated from Tufts in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in […]

Postgame Press: Boo to booing

Two weeks ago, the Philadelphia Eagles took the field for the first time since they won their first Super Bowl ever. In the first half, they had 68 yards of offense and 66 penalty yards. The team kneeled to end the half and headed into the locker rooms. That is when the fans started booing. […]

Postgame Press: Fan(tasy)hood

Being a fan means you get to be a part of an amazing community of people with whom you have a bond as soon as you see them at the game or on the street wearing a jersey. I see someone with my team’s hat and immediately feel a sense of kinship. But team allegiances […]

‘This Is Us’ Super Bowl special brings long-awaited answers, closure

In a special post-Super Bowl episode of NBC’s hit drama “This Is Us” (2016—), viewers were given an answer to the question they have been asking since the show’s premiere: how, and why, did Jack Pearson die? Warning: major spoilers ahead.   The series, which centers on the lives of the Pearson family shown through both […]

Postgame Press: Shake my hand

Super Bowl LII was this past weekend. The game between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles was fantastic, although likely lacked the outcome for which most Tufts Daily readers hoped. One focus after the game was how Patriots quarterback Tom Brady walked off the field without shaking opposing quarterback Nick Foles’ hand. Fox News reports […]

Gaga puts on a glittery show with a message of inclusion

On Sunday night, just as it seemed like New England was about to light a lot of “Super Bowl LI Champions” merchandise on fire, there appeared a beacon of hope clad in a sparkly cat suit and high-heeled boots. Lady Gaga, this year’s solo halftime show performer, stood atop Houston’s NRG Stadium looking like a fabulous […]

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of 2017’s Super Bowl advertisements

This year’s Super Bowl was an emotional rollercoaster, but, by virtue of some excellent last minute football-ery, the Patriots carried the day. Then someone stole Tom Brady’s jersey, presumably to breathe in the musk of victory. But in addition to the football, Lady Gaga’s halftime performance and the garment theft, there were, of course, advertisements. At a cost […]

Super Bowl Preview

Your friendly neighborhood sports editor, Eddie “Pulled-Pork” Samuels here with your Super Bowl breakdown. After a lackluster set of playoff games this season, expectations are that the Patriots-Falcons game is going to be explosive enough to make up for the blowouts and blowups. All indications are those expectations will hold true, as Atlanta’s No. 1 offense […]

Under the Lights: Brady’s ballad

“Tom Brady’s revenge tour underway as Patriots spank winless Browns,” read USA Today’s headline hours after the New England Patriots’ 33-13 victory over the hapless Cleveland Browns. Narratives like this are already being tossed around after Brady scorched the Browns on Sunday with a 406-yard, three-touchdown performance. If it was a “normal” game, the 4-1 Patriots dismantling […]

Q4 music madness: upcoming LP releases to look out for

For some, the beginning of October heralds the first month of a long, arduous holiday season. For music fans however, it represents something truly glorious: the start of Q4, or quarter four. During this time of year, big album releases are a pretty good bet, with records from Solange and Bon Iver paving the way […]