Editorial: Reading period is too short

It’s the end of the semester — classes and extracurriculars are winding down and finals are rapidly approaching. Before we know it, the libraries, Mayer Campus Center, dining halls and dorms will be full of students cramming for their final exams. Reading period begins on Tuesday, April 30 and ends on Thursday, May 2, giving […]

Human: Motivation

Call me idealistic, but, for me, passion is the primary motivator when I’m considering my future career. It started when I received a LinkedIn notification — yes, LinkedIn. One of my acquaintances had shared a post about how you should not pursue your career based on your passions but instead based on what makes you […]

R.E.A.L. Talk: All stress is real stress

Sitting in a room with eight first-semester R.E.A.L. students on a Monday afternoon, I see myself reflected in them. A series of younger, shinier versions of myself sit around the table waiting for a seminar to begin. Today’s topic: how to manage stress — something that I still struggle with in my fourth semester at […]