R.E.A.L. Talk: All stress is real stress

Sitting in a room with eight first-semester R.E.A.L. students on a Monday afternoon, I see myself reflected in them. A series of younger, shinier versions of myself sit around the table waiting for a seminar to begin. Today’s topic: how to manage stress — something that I still struggle with in my fourth semester at […]

Maintaining Your Tuftsanity: Finals week hacks

Finals week is upon us, but never fear. I’ve got the recipe for success to help you take final exams like a pro. First off, make sure you’re as sleep deprived as possible. Don’t listen to what your drooping eyelids and foggy mind are telling you; you should most definitely stay up until at least […]

Jumping Hurdles: Staying present

Something about going home for a break is always healing for me. Every time I return to the snowcapped mountains of my hometown, I find myself more centered, grounded and all-around calmer. Being away from the hustle and bustle of school, work and the constant activity at Tufts made me realize just how unfocused I’ve […]