Postgame Press: Do it for the fans

While watching sports, it is easy to forget that the games are, at heart, put on for the fans. This is not to say that the players have no love for the game, or even that those higher up in the organizations do not love it. It simply means that we, the fans, are the […]

Postgame Press: Trump and the changed sports-politics relationship

This has been a crazy week for sports, and most of the drama is due to comments from the White House. President Trump’s first statement came around a week ago during a rally, according to the Chicago Tribune, with Trump saying “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners when somebody disrespects our […]

The Coin Toss: Time to “boogie” in New Orleans

Welcome to The Coin Toss, where I make some bold, unlikely predictions about your favorite professional sports. Last week, I predicted two of four All-Star event winners correctly. I learned not to doubt “Porzingod” as the 7-foot-3-inch Porzingis won the skills challenge over my pick of Isaiah Thomas. Perhaps my best pick of the week was […]

The Coin Toss: NBA season predictions

Welcome to The Coin Toss, where I make some bold, unlikely predictions every week about some of your favorite professional sports. First, a quick recap of last week. I had the Browns topping their season high in total offense. They didn’t perform horribly against the Bengals, but their 352 yards were about 80 short of my […]

Inside the NBA | All-Star Game Selections

With the NBA season heading into February, the All-Star Game is quickly approaching and rosters for both the Western and Eastern Conferences have already been released. The Daily enters the fray with its own picks for the all-star teams, each with five starters, two guards and three forwards, along with seven bench players consisting of two guards, three […]