More than just code: DevTech researches new approaches to STEM education

There are some skills that are important to everyone at every stage of life, including independent and creative problem-solving and critical thinking.  When should these skills be taught, and how? Professor Marina Umaschi Bers and the team at the Developmental Technologies Research Group (DevTech) are researching an answer to this question and coming to new conclusions that may […]

E is for Everyone: Left 4 Dead

Why should you play “Left 4 Dead” (2008) and its sequel, “Left 4 Dead 2” (2009)? Because they were engineered to be the perfect replayable shared narrative experience for up to four players. And before you scoff and say, “Fury, isn’t ‘Left 4 Dead’ a zombie game? Aren’t those mindless and really banal at this […]

E for Everyone: The Stanley Parable

Why should you play “The Stanley Parable” (2013)? Because it makes you sincerely, wholeheartedly want to play through the same short series of absurd events over and over until you fully realize the awesome power of office tedium, game in-jokes and devastatingly sarcastic fourth wall breaking. What started out as a “Half-Life 2” (2014) mod was remade at full-scale in the Source engine by a very small […]

E for Everyone: Portal

Why should you play “Portal” (2007)? Because it is arguably the most intuitively-designed game ever made. Also because it’s hilarious, absurdly fun, outstandingly satisfying and has a very touching origin story if you’re interested. But there are so many facets of this wonderful little four-hour game that exploded expectations everywhere that I’m only going to focus […]

E for Everyone: ‘Spore’

Why should you play “Spore” (2008)? Because it’s five games in one and each is equally a fun gaming experience and a learning opportunity. “Spore” is a game released by Electronic Arts (EA) in which the player creates their own organism with parts they collect by exploring the world. Because its intuitive gameplay isn’t commonly considered a blocker to […]

Sid Meier’s ‘Civilization VI’ repeats a history of disappointment

As a faithful owner of the fourth and fifth iterations of Sid Meier’s “Civilization” series, it was only appropriate to cover the latest iteration in an acclaimed series that has long been the pinnacle of the 4X genre. Many players hoped that developer Firaxis had learned its lesson after several botched releases; Don’t stock the shelves […]

Tufts student Jeremy Slavitz prepares to release second game

Tufts Junior and Computer Science Major Jeremy Slavitz has been making video games for years, ever since a promotional giveaway exposed him to Apple’s App Store. Slavitz received an iPod Touch with his first Macbook, beginning his path in game development that has continued in college. “I was playing a lot of games on the […]