Student activism creates a new Start for Asian American Center

The labor and energies of student activists have been central to the Asian American Center, from its founding in 1983 after racist slurs were used against residents of the Asian American House, to its expansion into the entirety of the Start House that will take effect in the fall. Yet the work to make the […]

Asian American Center to become nonresidential, community-focused space

The Asian American House and the Asian American Center will be separated next year, allowing for the Start House to be designated entirely for the Asian American Center, following a Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate resolution calling for Asian American identity-based housing to be separate from the center. As a result of the resolution, which passed Nov. 19, the Office […]

Students propose increased accessibility in Asian American Center

Tufts students and community members are advocating for a more accessible Asian American Center in Start House, by relocating Asian-American identity-based housing from the house so that the Center’s office is no longer located in a residential building. The Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate unanimously passed a resolution on Nov. 19 calling for this change. The resolution was written by Asian American […]