A Column From a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Commencement

One of my favorite moments in Star Wars is the end of “A New Hope” (1977). Luke, Han and Chewbacca enter a gorgeous throne room on Yavin IV and walk down a row of fellow Rebellion members. They’re greeted by Princess Leia, who gives them a smile and then places medals over their heads. R2-D2 and […]

A Column From a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Episode 11

Wait a hot minute. This is my last column of the semester! I guess time really does fly when you’re talking about what you love. I’d really like to spend this time talking about some hopes I have for the future of this saga. I’ve spent a lot of this column yelling about the past, […]

A Column From a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Episode IX

The Canto Bight sequence in “The Last Jedi” (2017) definitely polarized the fan base (as did the entire film). Following Rose and Finn as they made their way through the casino planet, it generated intense reactions. Some fans hated the sequence and found it too similar to the prequels, others praised it and some questioned its […]

A Column From a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Episode 8

Welcome, readers, to another coffee-induced ranting episode of my column, where I excitedly yell all of my opinions into space and hope someone listens. In this episode, I’ve decided to talk about something that has been keeping me awake and making me slightly nervous. Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about “Solo” (2018), the next installment […]

A Column From a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Episode 6

“For everything you gain, you lose something else.” This is one of my favorite opening quotes from “The Clone Wars” (2008–2014) animated series and it surely applies to this week’s Star Wars announcements. From big changes for the future of the saga to sad but necessary goodbyes, here are a few of the top moments […]

A Column From a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Episode 5

Hear ye, hear ye! For this column, I’d like to talk about Rian Johnson’s recent reveal of deleted scenes from “The Last Jedi” (2017). The film is set for its home entertainment rollout starting March 13 on different apps for download and continuing on March 27 for its Blu-ray debut. With “The Last Jedi” basically […]

A Column From a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Episode 4

This week, I’m talking about female characters in movie and web series “Forces of Destiny” (2017–). Now, as I’ve previously stated, my favorite character has always been Leia. She’s strong, resourceful and the leader of the Rebellion. She didn’t shed a tear (onscreen) when her home planet was blown up. That, my friends, is a tough character. […]

Q&A: Assistant Professor Frank Lehman dives deep into the iconic ‘Star Wars’ scores

Tufts Assistant Professor of Music Frank Lehman did not know his passion would make a viable career. When Lehman was exploring ideas for his graduate school dissertation, he discovered opportunities in the field of film scoring. Throughout his career studying the scores of the “Star Wars” series (1977–), Lehman created a database for all of composer John […]

A Column From a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Episode 2

As I mentioned last week, I spent the past month defending the latest “Star Wars” installment, “The Last Jedi” (2017), from trolls both online and in real life. Like most fans, I saw “The Last Jedi” in December. On my first viewing, I was far from angry or upset at the film or its director, Rian Johnson. In fact, I […]

A Column From a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Episode 1

Picture this: a 10-year-old boy wearing oversized basketball shorts and bright orange Crocs hops off his bicycle, runs through a backyard to his house and sits dangerously close to the living room television. That 10-year-old boy is me, and yes, I did own bright orange Crocs, and they were the ultimate accessory. I still own a […]