Special interest housing seeks more proactive community building on campus

Sixteen different special interest houses exist on the Tufts campus. While the upcoming Capen Village project plans to expand themed housing and broaden social spaces at Tufts, residents of several existing special interest houses — as well Tufts Community Union President Benya Kraus — have recognized blocks in engaging students campus-wide and are committed to further community building. Colin Trimmer, […]

Editorial: Social houses could provide alternative to Greek life

Over the course of one academic year, the social scene at Tufts has changed dramatically. Though the future of Greek life remains unclear, there is no question that changes are going to be made to the system. As part of these changes, Tufts should consider implementing a system of social houses to foster a new […]

Small Houses Weekend seeks to create community

Several special interest houses at Tufts are hosting a series of events next weekend for Small Houses Weekend, according to Morgan Leppla, a sophomore who lives in Crafts House. Crafts House Manager Colin Trimmer explained that the weekend is intended to bring the various special interest houses together. “The idea is to build a community on campus, and small houses are […]

History on the Hill: International House

When home is overseas, the International House (I-House) can be a necessary home away from home for some students at Tufts. Situated at 13 Sawyer Ave., the I-House is considered a place for the international community at Tufts to gather for conversations, community and fun. But when its existence was first proposed, it faced resistance. The house itself was constructed in […]