Editorial: A call for a more equitable course registration process

As enrollment time creeps closer, you can feel tensions rise. Every Jumbo knows that 15-minute scramble right before you hit the “Enroll” button, and that horrible feeling when the class you desperately needed to take is full — and so is the wait list. Senior year is a time to fill all those major and […]

Editorial: Inclusivity to improve through reallocation of space on campus

Specialty housing is a hallmark of Tufts. Having the opportunity to engage with those that face common experiences results in stronger bonds and more welcoming communities. The sense of unity on campus is dependent upon the university’s willingness to provide such social spaces; so far, Tufts has made a deliberate effort. The Student Life Review Committee Report, […]

Editorial: Student Life Review Committee releases thorough findings but lacks solutions

Last week, the Student Life Review Committee released its finalized report on the status of Greek life after seven months of investigation and discussion. This long-awaited report is an extensive and thorough examination of student life and social spaces. At 25 pages in length, the report outlines in detail its observations and recommendations for both Greek life and […]

‘Life’ is a disappointing copy of ‘Alien’

As far as science fiction films go, those that play on the ‘trapped in space’ trope have much to offer, but also much to overcome. Jump-started by Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic “Alien,” this category of sci-fi films typically features characters who are forced to battle disaster, aliens or both, while attempting to escape from some sort […]

3Ps fall major play ‘Defying Gravity’ focuses on the wonder of space, life itself

When the curtain parts, men and women dressed in clothing from the late-eighties walk around quietly, staring at Claude Monet’s paintings while a piano plays slowly in the background. Monet, played by senior Ed Rosini, begins a monologue as the viewers gather around a single painting. He talks about life and the final moments before death, […]