Rabbi Jeffrey Summit reflects on nearly four decades as Tufts Hillel executive director

Rabbi Jeffrey A. Summit is the outgoing Jewish chaplain and Neubauer Executive Director of Tufts Hillel, as well as a research professor in the music department and Judaic Studies program. During his 39 years at Tufts, in addition to leading Tufts Hillel, he has published monographs on the role of music in Jewish identity and […]

Tufts responds to UN climate change conference

In tandem with the 23rd annual Conference of Parties (COP23), hosted by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) in Bonn, Germany, from Nov. 6–17, Tufts students have recently organized many initiatives to raise awareness about environmental concerns.  Tufts was present at COP23 this year, undergraduate representative and sophomore Paul Henjes said. Representatives and several undergraduates interested in social […]

Interfaith discussion group moves toward social action

Conversation Action Faith and Education (CAFE) is undergoing reorganization this semester, in the hope of increasing its membership and activism. The most immediately noticeable move planned by the group is a change of their name, swapping CAFE for COFFEE, Community OF Faith Exploration and Engagement, according to CAFE co-president Ann-Marie Lee. She said the name change […]

Op-Ed: Prohibition was no joke

These days it has become increasingly clear that comedy is a lot like alcohol. No, I don’t mean that both are ways nervous men talk to women, or that both are significantly worse when you’re in college, or any other silly one-liner. Rather I hope to argue that in the abstract, transgressive humor is today […]

MFA exhibit pays tribute to historic instances of oppression, prejudice worldwide

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is now showing a new exhibit called “’I must tell you what I saw:’ Objects of witness and resistance” in its Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art. It consists of only eight objects and pieces of art, but pays due diligence to them all. The exhibit seeks to […]

TASA Culture Show prompts moment of reflection

The TASA Culture Show, presented by Tufts Association of South Asians (TASA) on Saturday in Cohen Auditorium, was a high-energy blend of bright colors, dance, song and video. The theme of the show was “My Big Fat Bollywood Wedding” and was directed by sophomores Sanya Pradhan, Kanav Jhunjhunwala and Sidhant Chadha. Amidst the festivities, however, senior Avneet Soin […]

New student organization looks to offer supportive space for female, non-binary students

Avian, a new student organization that aims to create a conscious and supportive space for female and femme-aligned non-binary students, was formed this semester. Harper Hopkins, Avian’s consciousness education chair, said that the group was created in order to provide a space for people impacted by what she referred to as “first-order misogyny.” “Everyone is, […]

Spoken word group Mother Tongue offers truth without apologies

Poets Rachel McKibbens and Dominique Christina, who make up spoken word duo Mother Tongue, performed at Tufts on Friday at an event hosted by the Spoken Word Alliance At Tufts (SWAT). Hailed for their talent, bluntness and social activism, McKibbens and Christina delved into a myriad of themes including identity, family life, past trauma and political and racial […]

Op-Ed: Is anything apolitical?

“I don’t want to get all political” is a phrase I heard countless times while being home last month. It’s a phrase I myself said a few times at family holiday parties and other events where I knew I couldn’t contain myself otherwise. I am also a bit ashamed of that, because I am convinced […]

Enigma and the Tufts Daily Political Climates Survey shows little faith in the election process among students

Dean of Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life Alan Solomont may as well have coined the term “civic life” at Tufts, as it relates to millennials and students in higher education. It’s a phrase that encompasses students engaging on a daily basis in political issues such as discourse and participation in voting, non-profit work and public service. Recently, […]