Peripheries: The Relevance of Reparations

In 2014, Ta-Nehisi Coates’ incisive piece in the Atlantic entitled “The Case for Reparations“ triggered a national conversation. He noted that the income gap between black and white households has been roughly unchanged since 1970, and that roughly 4% of whites compared to 62% of blacks across America had been raised in poor neighborhoods. Due […]

Looking Out: Slavery

Slavery still exists. The treatment of humans as property is not over. The world was reminded of this disgusting reality when a CNN video surfaced in November, showing a slave auction in Libya, a failed state in an on-again-off-again civil war. The sheer lawlessness of Libya allowed for slavery to go on in the open, […]

Op-Ed: Religious literacy is an integral part of international relations

If over 80 percent of the world identifies with a religion, why do government and business leaders often lack an understanding of its impact on society? Certainly, there are good reasons for why this is the case. Since most secular constitutions guarantee a government that is free of church influence, it is easier to ignore […]

MFA exhibit pays tribute to historic instances of oppression, prejudice worldwide

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is now showing a new exhibit called “’I must tell you what I saw:’ Objects of witness and resistance” in its Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art. It consists of only eight objects and pieces of art, but pays due diligence to them all. The exhibit seeks to […]

Editorial: A lesson in handling slavery

This past Thursday, Georgetown University made headlines for its decision to “atone” for its past involvement in the slave trade. The university’s president stated that the selling of slaves in 1838 had saved Georgetown from financial crisis. As part of a process to recognize and reconcile with its past, Georgetown instated the Working Group on Slavery, Memory […]

Editorial: The choice to place Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew (the man who signs all of your dollar bills) announced last week that Harriet Tubman will be placed on the front of the new $20 bill. While initial news had it that President Andrew Jackson would be removed completely, it turns out that Tubman will share the bill with him. The news was […]