Tufts Technology Services launches AccessTufts 2.0

Tufts Technology Services (TTS) announced the launch of AccessTufts 2.0, a portal primarily used by faculty and staff designed to centralize online information and services, on Feb. 5. According to the announcement email sent to the Tufts community, the relaunch “i​s the most ambitious release since [the] initial launch in 2016.” AccessTufts was launched in […]

Editorial: Current course registration system does not promote academic success

Tufts students continue to trudge through midterm season. The days are getting colder and darker, and we may not even realize what’s quickly approaching next week: the advising period for spring course registration. Likely the last thing we are thinking about amidst this hectic time is: “What classes should I take next semester?” The advising […]

Tufts Technology Services looks to publicize, clarify preferred name-change process online

Tufts announced that students on all campuses can change their name in various online Tufts systems, such as Student Information System (SIS) and Trunk, according to a Jumbo Digest email sent out Feb. 26. Students can change their preferred name for most online systems through SIS, which also updates class rosters, according to the Tufts Technology Services […]

Jumbo Steps: Drawing attention

The hallway walls leading into my and my roommate’s room has been recently adorned with two new masterpieces. We can’t really tell if the portraits we drew of each other look Picasso-esque, or if they seem like the product of a three-year-old’s after-school art project. But that’s precisely we drew each other in the first […]

The myth of college exploration

There are certain tidbits of advice that we hear repeated from a variety of different people we encounter. As soon as I reached college age, there was one recommendation that I heard so frequently that it became a truth rather than a suggestion, and I was determined to listen. After the university I attend came […]

Goodman Foundation ambassadors, Tufts Votes look to boost on-campus voter registration

According to the Tisch College’s Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), U.S. youth voters — those in the 18-29 age range — are consistently less likely to vote in elections than older constituents, especially in midterm elections. 64.8 percent of Americans over 25 cast their votes in the 2012 elections, compared with 41.2 percent of […]

New SIS update improves registration process for students

Tufts’ Student Information System (SIS) was recently updated for the Fall 2015 semester registration period, which is currently underway, in order to improve how students search for classes. “We do an annual survey with satisfaction with SIS, and class search was hands down the most confusing and least user-friendly function that both faculty doing advising and […]

Tufts Technology Services plans updates to SIS class search

Updates to the class search function for Tufts’ Student Information System (SIS) are scheduled to go live around March 1, 2015, according to Tufts Technology Services (TTS) Associate Director of Student and Alumni Services Linda Snell. These changes will provide students with a more user-friendly and streamlined interface for finding information about classes online, according […]