Op-Ed: Is “sex positivity” really positive?

The third wave of feminism, particularly its ongoing transition into the “fourth wave,” has been an interesting time. It has brought an awareness of the intersectionality between gender, sex, race, sexual orientation and class. It has attempted to dismantle the exclusionary elements of trans-exclusionary radical feminism (TERF) movements that occurred in the second wave; it has […]

New group Damsels to provide supportive platform for women writers

Damsels is a new student club this fall that aims to create a comfortable, affirmative space for women writers at Tufts and beyond. The club creates a community and platform for women writers to share their stories by providing resources that expose women’s voices to broader communities, according to founders Kriska Desir and Chopper Carter-Schelp, both sophomores. “The goal of […]

On Queer: On Non-binary Attraction

This column was written by an anonymous resident of the Rainbow House. Like many of us, I have a Tinder. Also like many of us, I am non-binary. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the two rarely play nicely together. If I list myself on Tinder as male, I’m repeatedly asked about my anatomy, or what I […]

UCSD professor speaks on campus about race, intersectionality

Professor Fatima El-Tayeb of University of California at San Diego gave a lecture on the intersectionality of race, religion and sexuality, as well as the persistence of racism in Europe, at the Interfaith Center Tuesday evening. The Nov. 17 lecture, titled “Queer Life of Diaspora,” was hosted by the Consortium of Studies for Race, Colonialism and Diaspora (CSRD) and the […]

The ‘Failures’ of Sexual Liberation?

I find it disturbingly funny when I hear people talk about rape culture like it’s this new phenomenon. As if rape didn’t happen 50 years ago, as if something about today’s youth culture (and their “hook-up culture”? Their “feminist culture”?) is conducive to rapes on college campuses, in the military, in high schools, in prisons, […]

Comics are serious business, guys

I’ve always been kind of a comic weenie.  I’m no alpha nerd or anything, but I’ve read the classics.   I remember reading when Tony Stark — from “Iron Man” (1968-present) — lost control of his drinking habits and spiraled into depression.  I’ve seen everything from spousal abuse to the trials of being a single parent […]

Pinto named WGSS program director

Associate Professor of Anthropology Sarah Pinto has taken over the role of program director for Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS), replacing former program director and Associate Professor of English Sonia Hofkosh. Pinto, who has been a WGSS Faculty Committee member for eight years, said that the role of program director was a natural fit […]