Postgame Press: On being triumphant

Triumphant is one of my favorite words. In no situation is it better than when talking about an against-all-odds story in sports. Appalachian State, unranked, beating No. 5 Michigan at the Big House. Leicester City overcoming 5,000-to-1 odds to win the Premier League in 2015–16. The “Miracle on Ice” U.S. Olympic hockey team beating the Soviet Union […]

Vinny’s Variety Pack: NFC West draft needs

The first wave of free agency is done and about 95 percent of the biggest names have been signed. I could go and do free agency grades for each team, but that is way too much work. A quick filler if you haven’t been paying attention: The Browns actually did good things, AP is still […]

Vinny’s Variety Pack Week 14 | The Big Finale

Well friends, another semester has come and gone — a little too quickly for my liking to be honest, but what can we do? Unfortunately, this is going to be the last column I write for the Tufts Daily. I hope you’ve all had as much fun reading these as I’ve had writing them. There […]

Vinny’s Variety Pack: Anxiety in the AFC

Last week, I talked about which NFC teams should start panicking. Now onto the AFC, where the playoff picture is almost as unclear as my plans for the future! The Entire AFC West (minus the Chargers): The Chiefs, Raiders, and Broncos dominate the AFC West with sevens wins apiece and each of them currently holding […]

Out of Left Field: Long live baseball

Last week, we watched perhaps one of the greatest baseball games ever played; definitely an all-timer. Game 7 of the World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians had it all: excitement from the first at bat, a Dexter Fowler home run, an unexpected comeback against Aroldis Chapman in the form of a […]

Vinny’s Variety Pack Week Eight: Something old, something new

I recently found out that a member of my family is getting married, which got me thinking: isn’t having a fantasy football team like marriage? Let me explain. You devote all of your time to your team, sometimes you have a few bad weeks and get angry at your team, but then you have a […]

Vinny’s Variety Pack: Dak dynasty

Another eventful week of football is behind us. In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap: Brady is back, the Giants still suck, the Falcons are actual contenders, the Giants are terrible, the Vikings are the scariest team in football and the Giants gave me a stomach ulcer. *Sigh* Ah, well. Here’s to hoping this […]

Angels in Arizona

For the fourth time this millennium, the New England Patriots are Super Bowl champions. They survived the Seattle Seahawks and finished the job. But New England nearly lost Super Bowl XLIX, and probably would have were it not for the miraculous interception by fifth cornerback Malcolm Butler that stopped Seattle’s game-winning drive dead in its tracks. […]

Super Bowl preview

In the midst of all things psi and air-pressure-related, the actual Super Bowl has seemed almost like an afterthought. The pervasive “Deflategate” controversy has grabbed national headlines and airwaves across country for almost two weeks. In the wake of the media frenzy, the balls are sure to be properly scrutinized and inflated on Sunday, and […]

Super Bowl Showdown

After squeaking by the Baltimore Ravens in the divisional playoffs and crushing the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC title game, the New England Patriots are going back to the Super Bowl, their sixth trip since the 2001 season. This one is different, however, accompanied by a real sense of urgency (and a stupid scandal involving […]