Looking out: Scottish distinction

I spent the past weekend in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, on a Tufts-organized trip. After a month in England, I felt a marked difference in Scotland. It felt more European, though it is farther from the continent than England. Scotland has its own language, Scottish Gaelic, though only a small minority speak it. Yet […]

Scottish folk legend Archie Fisher to play in Somerville, promoting new album

Unbeknownst to most local college students and non-oldie-lovers, a Scottish folk legend, Archie Fisher, will be making an appearance in Somerville tonight (Oct. 7) at the nearby Burren. While the youth of this generation have probably never heard Fisher’s name, it turns out that he’s actually a pretty big deal across the pond. An important figure […]

Reflecting on #TheDress

It took the internet by storm. Granted, its fame was not unprecedented for cultural memes, but something was different about this phenomenon. People had no control over how they perceived it — their perceptions were totally unadulterated by social and cultural filters, relying solely on how their brains interpreted what their eyes showed them. So, was it […]