Red Star: Socialism or barbarism

If you want to preserve capitalism and inequality, drastic measures will be necessary for social control and the entrenchment of privilege. Given ecological collapse, social atomization and the privatization of public space, there’s little room left for capitalism to expand. War, exclusion and genocide are the logical ends of the American ideology and the self-interest […]

Lie that started Trump’s political career ends; political career somehow still ongoing

*Deep voice* Sept. 23, 2016. From Comedy Central’s College Avenue’s World News Headquarters in New York shambles, this is the Tufts Daily Show with Kevin Lawson. *Non-copyright-infringing knockoff intro music plays as the camera pans to me, capturing a split second of me picking my nose.* Hello, everyone, and welcome to the second first edition of the […]

The Arena: March Madness

Apparently Google searches about moving to Canada have spiked in the last month. Part of the effect is probably heartthrob and “The Arena”-favorite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was just in Washington, D.C. But I’m honestly not sure that Canada won’t build a wall to keep Americans out with the way these elections are going. On […]

The Arena: Rubiover

With the internship season rolling around, resume-fudging is at its peak. You never know what special skill will get you that gig with Google. But if you’re looking for accomplishments to put on your résumé, look no further than the Republican primaries. You (and I) both earned as many delegates as Marco Rubio did on […]

Op-ed: Why Hillary?

By now, we’re sure you have seen the media coverage — both positive and negative — on the woman we hope will be inaugurated as our next president, but how much do you know about her and her supporters? Though you may be a strong Hillary supporter, you may still be undecided or supporting Bernie […]

‘The Circus’ is great entertainment, and that’s part of the problem

In 1985, the academic Neil Postman published “Amusing Ourselves to Death,” a scathing polemic on how modern media has degraded public discourse by reducing everything — politics, religion, education and journalism — to entertainment. His dire warnings, which might once have seemed alarmist in a pre-Internet era, now ring eerily prophetic, especially in the realm of politics. Case […]