The Elephant in the Room: A slumpy column

The thaw between winter and spring comes at an opportune time. We get that sweet glimpse of the warmth of summer just as the weather begins to beat us down. There might be a snowstorm after that one 70 degree February day, but it doesn’t stop us from hanging up hammocks, barbecuing and wearing Birkenstocks […]

Five upbeat pop songs with surprisingly sad lyrics

With spring break starting tomorrow, it’s time to craft the perfect spring break playlist. For those who are looking for some thought-provoking lyrics to muse over during a long bus, car, plane or train ride, the following five songs from the past fifteen years provide catchy beats while also provoking deeper reflection. 1. “Pumped Up Kicks” – […]

It’s Econ*LIT*

Rebecca: Being a second-semester senior is weird. I find myself nostalgic about the strangest things, like online databases. The other day one of my professors mentioned that we should take advantage of resources like JSTOR and EconLit because when we graduate, our access to these databases will disappear. Anxiety washed over me, knowing that my […]

Bouquets and bleakness

Webster’s Word of the Day: fulsome adjective \FULL-sum\ 1: aesthetically, morally or generally offensive I spent my summer in a wormhole. Actually, it was an endless time of serving diners variations of sad looking chicken, watching guests enjoy the “original” yet egregiously cliché event photo booth and looking at tipsy white people dancing to Pitbull. My boss […]

I Am Daniel Powter

Dear sad boys/girls/non-gender binary conforming friends, Sometimes you just get rad sad. Maybe you were happy thinking about the Boston Olympics, but then remembered this is the city where you can fall into a snow bank and then eventually be birthed from it a few days later. I’ve personally entered sad boy territory recently (I’m […]