Professor Kendra Field discusses post-Civil War migrations at Royall House

The Royall House and Slave Quarters in Medford hosted Kendra Field, assistant professor of history and director of the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy at Tufts, to discuss her new book, “Growing Up with the Country: Family, Race, and Nation After the Civil War”, on Wednesday evening. The Royall House was once home […]

Op-Ed: Tufts history

During tours and first-year orientations, we all get the standard introduction to Tufts history and lore, mostly regarding the legend of Jumbo and his tail. If the guide is feeling particularly deep, they will recite Charles Tufts’ famous line when asked what he would do with “that bleak hill over in Medford.” “I will put […]

Black Freedom Trail marks important locations, retells stories of black history

The Tufts/Medford Black Freedom Trail, connecting on-campus sites including the Capen House, the Lena D. Bruce (E ’92) and Anita Y. Griffey (LA ’89) Bench and Goddard Chapel Plaque, signifies the stories and moments in the African American history at Tufts. According to Professor of Political Science Pearl Robinson, who has taught at Tufts since 1975, the Tufts/Medford […]

Tufts students to participate in Slave Dwelling Project

Ten Tufts students will have the opportunity to spend the night at the Royall House and Slave Quarters in Medford as participants in the Slave Dwelling Project tomorrow. The students, led by Joseph McGill, who founded the project, will spend Friday night sleeping in the slave quarters where they will be able to experience what life was like for slaves in Massachusetts in the […]