Town hall on budget transparency adds to financial conversation

University administrators addressed a crowd of around 100 people at a Budget Transparency Town Hall on Tuesday, hosted by Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate and Tufts Student Action (TSA). The event, intended to start a discussion about the Tufts budget as well as current debt in the School of Arts and Sciences and School of Engineeering (AS&E), included an […]

Murphy’s Law: Expensive tuition? Thank your bloated administration

The meteoric rise in tuition recently is an important issue across the nation. Tufts’ roughly $70,000 bill increases by around 4 percent annually, more than double the national rate of inflation. The university explains these increases as being driven by innovation and expansion, but they are really caused by poor management: administrative bloat. While traditional businesses […]

Tufts by Numbers: Will the tuition bubble ever be burst?

Almost one month ago, Tufts students and parents were notified that tuition for the upcoming 2017–2018 school year will rise by 3.6 percent, tying up a Tufts education with a price tag of $68,372 for all tuition and fees. This increase matched that of last year and has students and family members worried – not […]

Editorial: Tufts should reduce administrative costs, increase transparency

American colleges and universities consistently take a majority of the top 10 spots in worldwide rankings. As higher education has become more crucial for professional success, the demand for higher education has also gone up significantly. As most students are painfully aware, this rising demand was paired with rising tuition costs. In 1971, the average college tuition for private research […]

Op-Ed: #HaltTheHike: A Call for transparency, accountability and accessibility in our community

 An email was sent to the undergraduate student body on April 12 by Dean of Arts and Sciences James Glaser and Dean of Engineering Jianmin Qu with the subject line “2016-2017 Tuition Update,” notifying students for the first time in recent history of a 3.6 percent increase in tuition, room, board and fees, bringing tuition costs […]

Seniors form Tufts Union Debate, spinoff of Oxford’s debate forum

Tufts Union Debate, a newly-founded group modeled after the Oxford Union, will host seven public debates on issues related to Tufts, the nation and the world this semester. The first debate will take place on Sept. 19 in Braker Hall Room 001. By providing a forum for regular debates between students, faculty and outside experts, the Tufts Union intends […]

Students present demands on tuition, financial aid in rally

About 70 students gathered on the lower patio of Mayer Campus Center on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 4, as part of an organized rally to protest the raise of tuition expenses for the 2016-2017 academic year. The tuition increases were initially announced in an April 12 email from James Glaser, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, and Jianmin Qu, dean […]

Op-ed: An update on tuition and financial aid at Tufts

Dear concerned Tufts students, Thank you for your open letter of April 25, and for sharing your concerns about the rising cost of tuition. We realize that tuition is a significant investment for our students and families. We have worked very hard to control our expenses and increase efficiencies so that we can minimize tuition […]