The Rez opens after week-long closure due to Campus Center plumbing issues

The Rez, the student-run café located in the Mayer Campus Center, was closed from Sept. 21–27 due to plumbing issues in the Campus Center, according to Bryce Terman, the financial manager for the Rez.  Terman, a senior, discovered the problem at the end of his Sept. 20 shift. When counting out the daily revenue, he found […]

Tufts by Numbers: A hunt for study space

Weekday evenings between 4 p.m and 10 p.m are rush hour for study territory on campus. Where to go to inspire prime productivity is at the height of most students’ needs from Sunday night to Thursday night. The Mayer Campus Center and Tisch Library serve as the two prime central study spaces for Tufts’ undergraduates. But, […]

History on the Hill: The Rez

Among the coffee shops and other caffeine options available on campus, the Rez in the Mayer Campus Center seems to have a particularly strong hold among students. While the student leadership of this café changes from year to year, the existence of the café itself spans back in recent Tufts history. Although not even the current managers […]

History on the Hill: Tufts’ reservoir

All that is left of the Mystic Reservoir that previously occupied 4.5 acres of Tufts’ campus is the muddy field known as the residential quad. But between 1864 and 1948, the reservoir was used as a water supply, a picnic spot, a swimming hole, an ice rink and the centerpiece for countless campus traditions. The “Rez,” as it […]