All in Good Taste: Mr. Bartley’s review

My roommate Ana and I are enticed by the “Best in Boston” signs outside the door of Mr. Bartley’s Gourmet Burgers in Harvard Square and are immediately sold once we enter the one-room restaurant. The eclectic space is littered with posters and knick-knacks making it a cross between a dorm room and a 1960s diner. […]

‘The Mindy Project’ defies rom-com clichés

Going into the midseason premiere of season four of “The Mindy Project” (2012-present), Mindy and Danny’s relationship was in limbo. And in the premiere, titled “Will They or Won’t They?,” it became clear that, at least for now, they won’t. For a show written by and about a person obsessed with romantic comedies at face […]

‘Orphan Black’ hurtles into fourth season with strong premiere

BBC America’s sci-fi thriller “Orphan Black” (2013 — present) returned last week with a stellar fourth season premiere, promising stronger episodes ahead after a mediocre third season. The episode, “The Collapse of Nature,” transports viewers back in time to events before the first episode of the first season. Originally, “Orphan Black” fans were introduced to the […]

‘The People v. O.J. Simpson’ is a must-watch

True crime stories have been extraordinarily popular in the past couple years. With recent true crime hits like “Serial” (2014 – present), “The Jinx” (2015) and “Making a Murderer” (2015), it was only a matter of time before someone tackled one of the most infamous and controversial cases of all time — the trial of O.J. […]

Cozy Renee’s Cafe satisfies pancake cravings without breaking the bank

Few frills, good food and gallons of coffee. That just about sums up Renee’s Cafe. Right outside the center of Teele Square at 198 Holland St., Renee’s has an unassuming vibe with a touch of homeyness, with its eclectic paintings and other decorations that adorn the walls. The highlight of the two-room restaurant is a large […]

Sunflower Bean impresses at The Middle East Upstairs

Just three weeks following the release of its debut LP “Human Ceremony” and almost exactly a year since its last visit, Brooklyn’s Sunflower Bean returned to The Middle East Club Upstairs in Cambridge for a nearly sold-out show on Saturday, Feb. 27. “Human Ceremony” is the latest chapter in the development of the band’s hazy guitar […]

In third season, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ squanders opportunities for character development

Fox’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” premiered in 2013 to solid reviews and success at the Golden Globes but has done little more than plug along since. Somewhere along the line, “Nine-Nine” became a comedy procedural: serviceable and at times genuinely funny but certainly not must-see TV. Viewers can expect a weekly case and goofy shenanigans undertaken in […]

New CBS show ‘Supergirl’ soars in premiere episode

Before the big budget superhero movies of today, live action depictions of superheroes were primarily found in one place: the small screen. For decades, live action superhero television programs populated screens across the country, beginning with “The Adventures of Superman” (1952 – 1958), continuing with “Batman” (1966 – 1968) and culminating with “Wonder Woman” (1975 […]

CHVRCHES take back their synthpop crown on sophomore release

Thanks to a certain country-star-turned-popstar, the 1980s are currently experiencing something of a cultural renaissance in pop music. With projects from Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen being branded as love letters to the era of hot pants and shoulder pads, one can look to Scottish electronic indie band CHVRCHES as the harbinger of the current synthpop boom. […]

Lil Dicky shows promise as professional rapper, but stumbles over himself

Lil Dicky is now, by all accounts, a professional rapper. The skinny white man from the northern suburbs of Philadelphia first appeared on the music scene in early 2013 and gained notoriety with the launch of the music video for his song “Ex-Boyfriend” (2013). Back then, David Burd, the man behind the Lil Dicky pseudonym, […]