Owners of Dave’s Fresh Pasta to open new restaurant near 574 Boston Ave.

The owners of Dave’s Fresh Pasta, a specialty food and wine market in Davis Square, are planning to open a small new restaurant and bar in late spring on the edge of the Tufts campus, near the Collaborative Innovation and Learning Complex at 574 Boston Ave., called Semolina Kitchen and Bar. According to Robert Chihade, Tufts’ director […]

Yvonne’s stands out from other Boston restaurants with its lively atmosphere

When diners first step inside Yvonne’s, many of them might initially feel confused. The entrance to this restaurant between Downtown Crossing and Park Street is lined with barber chairs, mirrors and hair products over counters, resembling a hair salon. Patrons have to go through another door to enter the actual restaurant. The secret door serves its function as it […]

The newly-revamped BLR by Shojo offers Asian fusion food in authentic setting

Asian gastropub Shojo’s presence in Chinatown has always been somewhat controversial. In an area with abundant cheap Asian options, Shojo is able to differentiate its brand by serving pricier but arguably higher-quality food. Furthermore, Chinatown is one of the most centrally located neighborhoods in Boston, so it is reasonable to open a “hip” restaurant around […]

NYSD: Café I want my ma-ni back

Last week, my friend Julie and I went to lunch at our favorite, no-frills restaurant. The restaurant is quite small, so we were seated at the bar; this was the first harbinger that something fishy was afoot. From our perch at the bar, I was able to see the workers preparing our food, without gloves. […]

Cozy Renee’s Cafe satisfies pancake cravings without breaking the bank

Few frills, good food and gallons of coffee. That just about sums up Renee’s Cafe. Right outside the center of Teele Square at 198 Holland St., Renee’s has an unassuming vibe with a touch of homeyness, with its eclectic paintings and other decorations that adorn the walls. The highlight of the two-room restaurant is a large […]

‘Sarma’ offers an American interpretation of Turkish meze culture

Ask an American what Turkish food is, and their answer will probably be kebab or baklava. Although kebab and baklava are popular (and delicious) examples of Turkish cuisine, it is criminal to define Turkish food by one region, which is southern Turkey in this case. After all, Turkey is an amalgam of different cultures, histories and […]

Casa B offers delicious, pricy dishes in trendy atmosphere

During the semester, it’s easy to get caught up in life on campus; there’s always something going on, so Tufts students tend to stay on campus, which keeps the dreaded fear of missing out (FOMO, as they say) at bay. But trapping oneself in the Tufts bubble can result in a general disconnect from both reality […]

Highland Kitchen serves American comfort food with a twist

Tucked away in the heart of Somerville, the entrance to Highland Kitchen is nondescript, denoted only by a sign that looks far older than the restaurant it marks. The doors to Highland Kitchen opened less than 10 years ago, but the joint’s American comfort food has become a staple and, indeed, a highlight in the Somerville restaurant […]