Professor Fiorenzo Omenetto leads team behind innovative, tiny tooth-mounted diet tracker

Research done at the School of Engineering on a new, miniaturized diet-tracking tooth-mounted sensor has recently garnered significant media attention. On March 23, a team from the Department of Biomedical Engineering, led by Frank C. Doble Professor of Engineering Fiorenzo Omenetto, published their research in the journal Advanced Materials about a tiny sensor — two […]

How Tufts Works: Books rock

Five minutes after meeting, Kristin Lee and I are standing on a former glacial field examining six hundred million-year-old rocks. Shockingly, we are not on an archeological research trip in Siberia. We are five feet from Tisch Library learning about the geology of Tufts from Grant Garven, professor in the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, who […]

Q&A: Alecia McGregor talks hospital closures and political determinants of health care

Alecia McGregor is an assistant professor of community health. This semester, she teaches the community health course called Too Big to Fail? Hospitals and the Changing Landscape. Her recent research looks at the political determinants of hospital closures. In an interview with the Daily, McGregor talked about her research as well as her concerns regarding the U.S. hospital business’ political power […]

Science and Engineering Complex opens to Tufts community

The newly completed Science and Engineering Complex (SEC) between Boston and College Avenues will be open to students this semester. The complex consists of a 79,000-square foot addition attached to the existing Robinson and Anderson Halls, transitioning both halls into wings of the SEC, according to the Tufts Construction website. “The ground floor atrium space [is] […]

Tufts professor, other researchers win award for sign language database

A group of researchers, including Associate Professor of Psychology Ariel Goldberg and former Tufts graduate student Naomi Caselli, were awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) visualization award for ASL-LEX, an interactive and searchable lexical database for American Sign Language (ASL). Karen Emmorey, a professor at San Diego State University, said that the database currently has around 1,000 signs. It includes […]

Op-ed: If possible, think about early graduation

A classmate of mine, recalling that I graduated early, recently shared with me Michael Shames’ Jan. 19 Daily article, “Graduating early provides a rare path for students.” The article got me thinking back three years ago to when I decided to graduate from Tufts a semester early. It wasn’t an easy decision, if only because the Tufts […]

Op-Ed: Making the sciences more approachable

There’s no doubt that America faces countless problems in the realm of education. Education inequality is one of the most pressing issues facing the country today. One of the greatest concerns with education, however, is the nation’s distrust of science. Science is considered an objective truth. Its methods to prove theories are so rigorous that not […]

Professor Shalini Tendulkar teaches community-centered approach to research in year-long course

The Tufts School of Arts and Sciences’ mission statement says that the school educates students to take on “transformational leadership in communities around the world.” In many ways, community health Professor Shalini Tendulkar takes that message and applies it not to communities throughout the world, but to the communities closest to Tufts through her year-long research course, CH182: Community Health […]

Sheldon Krimsky discusses private interests, ethics in science

Sheldon Krimsky has been a professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning (UEP) at Tufts since 1974. Since then, he’s contributed extensively to the study of ethical considerations relative to biotechnology and other scientific fields. He was a consultant to the Presidential Commission for the Study of Ethical Problems in Medicine and Biomedical and Behavioral Research and […]

Tufts silk ink research leads to new medical developments

Biomedical and mechanical engineers from Tufts published research this summer that could make inkjet printing a more effective tool for synthesizing medical technologies, with developments for a platform that allows 3D printing for liquid silk. The study, published on June 16 in Advanced Materials online, examined silk inks that contain biological molecules such as enzymes, antibiotics, antibodies, nanoparticles and growth […]