Student activism creates a new Start for Asian American Center

The labor and energies of student activists have been central to the Asian American Center, from its founding in 1983 after racist slurs were used against residents of the Asian American House, to its expansion into the entirety of the Start House that will take effect in the fall. Yet the work to make the […]

Editorial: How to fix first-year community

Many in the class of 2021 believe that the Tufts social scene is particularly lacking. This is partially a byproduct of the general campus structure that hinders the ability to make meaningful connections. Fortunately, the re-evaluation of residential setup is underway, and it has potential to create the environment necessary for first-years to find their social niche. […]

Memorial Steps to be replaced due to snow damage

After 15 years, the Tufts Memorial Steps will be replaced again. The project will start in late May and run until the end of November, according to Senior Manager of Project Administration Ray Santangelo. In an email to the Daily, Santangelo confirmed that the heavy snowfall this year in particular has damaged the steps, which are alternatively known […]

Renovations, new hours this semester in Curtis Hall

Curtis Hall, located at 474 Boston Avenue, has undergone a number of changes over the past semester, including a shortening of hours for the Brown and Brew Coffee House and a series of structural renovations still in progress. Director of Project Administration Rudi Pizzi explained that moisture passing from outside of the building has been rotting the supporting joists […]