Students, faculty support proposed Native American and Indigenous Studies minor

A student-led petition aims to create a new Native American and Indigenous Studies minor program in the Consortium of Studies in Race, Colonialism, and Diaspora (RCD). The program’s viability is likely greater due to the RCD’s recent obtainment of departmental status and has support among former and current RCD faculty. A group of students addressed their petition to create […]

Editorial: Greek life should expand financial aid to remain at Tufts

With Greek life back on campus, the one thing nearly everyone can agree on is that, if Greek life organizations continue to exist, financial reform will be necessary. While houses have encouraged fewer money-centric events, dues are still strikingly high. Many students who have to pay these dues themselves face real financial and time constrictions, juggling part-time jobs on […]

AOII, Theta sororities begin coordinated recruitment

Sororities in good standing with the university will begin “coordinated recruitment” today, according to Meaghan Annett, president of the Panhellenic Council (Panhel). Both Kappa Alpha Theta (Theta) and Alpha Omicron Pi (AOII) will be recruiting new members. Chi Omega and Alpha Phi (APhi) will not be participating in coordinated recruitment, according to Chi Omega President Hannah Macaulay and […]

Four Greek life organizations regain ability to recruit new members

Four Greek life organizations on the Tufts campus are eligible to begin new member recruitment processes this semester, according to a Feb. 2 email sent out by several Tufts administrators. According to Jack Friend, president of Tufts’ Interfraternity Council (IFC), the two fraternities accepting new members this semester are ATO of Massachusetts and the Omicron chapter of […]

Op-Ed: A fight for justice

The past few weeks at Tufts have been about two things: Listening: To sorority and fraternity members trying to come to grips with the uncertain futures of their organizations; to attempts by white, cisgender, heterosexual (the term for people attracted to people of a different gender) institutions to grapple with their heteronormative (the term for […]

Point-Counterpoint: Suspending sorority, fraternity recruitment

Point-Counterpoint juxtaposes two opposing perspectives on polarizing issues and debates. The following responses, written by the Daily’s opinion section, address both sides of the debate on the recent suspension of spring recruitment for all Greek organizations at Tufts.   The case for suspension: The cancellation of sorority and fraternity recruitment for the spring semester has incited a great deal […]

Two-hundred students accept sorority bids after formal recruitment

Two hundred students accepted bids following formal Panhellenic sorority recruitment from Jan. 27 to Jan. 31. During the formal recruitment period, students attended Open Parties, a Philanthropy Night and a Preference Night consecutively before Bid Day, where they received a bid to one of the four Panhellenic sororities: Alpha Phi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Chi Omega and Kappa Alpha […]

On Writing Op-Eds

Dear readers, When I first took on the new role as an Executive Op-Ed Editor, my first challenge was recruiting new staff for the Opinion section. I was worried that not a lot of students would want to apply to be regular writers. Why sign up for more deadlines on top of our unceasing flow of assignments and social […]

Sorority recruitment numbers fluctuate amid increased diversity efforts

Sorority recruitment is experiencing an upward trend, with 310 potential new members going through recruitment this semester, according to Panhellenic Director of Recruitment Victoria Sengstack. But although recruitment is up, the total number of new members is down, with about 48 new members per sorority, making the average number of women in sororities now 161 per […]