Vacancies in themed, Greek housing included in general lottery

Once again this year, all open spaces in themed or Greek housing were put in the general housing lottery for the 2019–2020 academic year, allowing any student to select into them, according to Joshua Hartman, director of the Office of Residential Life and Learning (ORLL). However, Hartman said in an email to the Daily, ORLL […]

JumboVote increases civic engagement on Tufts campus and beyond

Throughout American history, various movements and people have worked to expand access to the right to vote. The American Revolution was fought over representation, Susan B. Anthony fought to give women the right to vote and the 20th century ushered in the civil rights movement. JumboVote, a nonpartisan, student-led initiative that started in the run-up […]

Editorial: Inclusivity to improve through reallocation of space on campus

Specialty housing is a hallmark of Tufts. Having the opportunity to engage with those that face common experiences results in stronger bonds and more welcoming communities. The sense of unity on campus is dependent upon the university’s willingness to provide such social spaces; so far, Tufts has made a deliberate effort. The Student Life Review Committee Report, […]

Rainbow House to get physical building in 2018–2019 academic year

Tufts administrators have committed to provide Rainbow House with a physical building for the 2018–2019 academic year, Associate Dean of Student Affairs Chris Rossi told the Daily in an email. Rossi said that he, LGBT Center Director Hope Freeman, ResLife Associate Director of Residential Education Sarah D’Annolfo and Rainbow House Manager Kenneth Meyerson came to this […]

On Queer: On space

Recently, we’ve come to realize that Rainbow House is quite small. Situated in Hillside Apartments, our apartment comes with eight bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a common room. We are not wheelchair-accessible, and we have to sit on tables if we all want to meet in the common room. But we didn’t realize how […]

On Queer: On censorship

The bottom text meme. Everyone’s favorite self-referential internet in-joke. The premise goes something like this: Mid-2000s online meme generators would offer users a meme image template, complete with placeholder text boxes on the top and bottom of the image. Most commonly, they would read “TOP TEXT” and “BOTTOM TEXT,” referencing their locations. Whether the meme […]

On Queer: On sex and anxiety

Confession time: I’m terrified of sex. As much as I love being intimate with other men (my friends can attest, I am very gay), thoughts of sex immediately turn into concerns about my body, or sweating, or how my hair looks ridiculous when disheveled, or an overwhelming lack of confidence in my own appearance. It’s […]

On Queer: On home (and Hogwarts)

As the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is.” But for many LGBTQ people, figuring out where that is can be more than a little bit complicated. As Harry Potter said when asked how he felt about returning to Privet Drive, “Hogwarts is my home.” I’m always a fan of reading queer allegory into just […]

On Queer: On sexual assault

When I went home for the summer after my freshman year, I decided to go on Tinder. There would be no chance of running into someone from school, and thus it couldn’t be awkward. After many conversations that started and ended without going anywhere, a girl and I decided we would go on a date. It […]

On Queer: On call-outs

Even in these times, I believe that most people are well-intentioned. We want the best for each other. We want each other to be happy, healthy and successful. We want to treat our friends and family well. Yet, we have to acknowledge that we, as individuals, have unique identities that may result in different experiences. […]