‘Us’ scares, provokes, delights

With Jordan Peele’s breakout hit “Get Out” (2017), the director proved to the world that he possesses both a prolific power for story-telling and the ability to tacitly discuss America’s ongoing class and race-based struggles. Of course, fans have been eagerly waiting for more, and “Us” (2019) does not disappoint. With terrifying performances, the movie […]

Peripheries: Women’s Day

March 8, now marked as International Women’s Day, is a day of celebration in America, with motifs such as celebrating the increased proportion of female CEOs. However, this day did not begin as a celebratory one. The first Women’s Day celebration took place in May 1908, when the U.S. Socialist Party led a protest of over 1,000 […]

Robin DiAngelo, Jack Hill visit campus to speak about ‘White Fragility’

Robin DiAngelo and Jack Hill held a session yesterday with the Tufts community centered around DiAngelo’s recently released book, “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk about Racism” (2018). The talk focused on the discomfort white people exhibit when their views on race are challenged, and how they can overcome this discomfort and […]

America is dying: The case for intersectional healthcare research

The ethics of healthcare research is a topic of contention. As a country, we have been unable to define who deserves the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — is it white men, women, the elderly, maybe children? The answer should be “all of the above,” but it takes one look […]

Editorial: Hillel postering a blatant act of antisemitism

Close to two dozen posters critical of American and Israeli policy were found at the Tufts Granoff Family Hillel Center on Feb. 12. We believe these posters are intended to distress Jewish students. Antisemitism is a racist ideology that sees Jewish people as ‘other’. This ideology often manifests as anti-Jewish imagery and propaganda, including medieval […]

Blackface photo prompts condemnation from Tufts administration, community

The Tufts administration and community spoke out yesterday in response to an Instagram photo of a student in blackface that was circulated on social media. On Wednesday night, a senior posted a selfie on their personal Instagram story in which the student was wearing a black face mask, a black sweatshirt and sunglasses, captioned “Yeezy 2020.” […]

Q&A: Political Science professor talks whiteness, Charlottesville, Tufts’ role

In the wake of white supremacist demonstrations in Charlottesville, some have been left with questions about how the country got here. Deborah Schildkraut, the chair of the Department of Political Science at Tufts, authored the book “Americanism in the Twenty-First Century: Public Opinion in the Age of Immigration” and, last semester, taught the course Public […]

Editorial: With Charlottesville, we must do more than just remember

The white supremacist rally that took place in Charlottesville is not hard to condemn. Torch-bearing individuals, as seen in VICE’s documentary, paraded through the streets yelling “Jews will not replace us.” Neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan supporters spewed veiled (and not-so veiled) threats of genocide, including David Duke championing “ethnic cleansing.” “White pride” rooted in […]

Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’ successfully explores race problems

Netflix has been producing its own shows for years now, and it has seen much success in making its own content. While most of these shows are unique, not many are focused around creating dialogue and giving voices to marginalized groups of people. Enter “Dear White People” (2017–present), one of Netflix’s latest television series based on […]